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Useful information about DLC mods in the scene for all three trilogy games

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Data on this page is gathered from telemetry data users can send from Mod Manager. This data is not collected manually, but it is checked and prepared for proper use.

If you are making a mod that is strictly global texture or mesh changes, you should use Mass Effect Modder's .mem format for distribution, as it improves compatibility.

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It's important to choose the right priority to from the start so you and other developers don't need to spend tons of time developing compatibility packs.

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This database serves as an easy way to identify and locate mods, and powers the 'Third Party Identification Service' in Mod Manager.

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Mods with lower priorites will have content overridden by ones that replace the same files in higher priorities.

Known DLC Mods for Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect Mass Effect 2 Mass Effect 3 Mass Effect LE Mass Effect 2 LE Mass Effect 3 LE

Rows highlighted in red have a duplicate mount priority with at least one other DLC mod. Installing mods with the same priority at the same time will cause undefined behavior in the game engine.

Is your mod not listed?

Submit telemetry information for your DLC mod from Mod Manager's Mod Utils > Developer options menu and selecting 'Submit mod information to ME3Tweaks'.

Mod NameMaintainerDLC Folder NameMount Priority
Better JournalArteriusDLC_MOD_BetterJournal51900
Interface Scaling ModMgamerzDLC_MOD_InterfaceScaling31049
SP Native Controller SupportMgamerzDLC_MOD_ControllerSupport31040
FSC IntroMultiple AuthorsDLC_CON_FSCIntro23869
Phoenix Armor for FemShepElysiumFicDLC_CON_FSA123844
EDI Armor VariationsGirlsPlayGamesDLC_CON_FSA223843
Kabuki Armor VariationsGirlsPlayGamesDLC_CON_FSA423841
Blue Ashley Armor with N7 logoElysiumFicDLC_CON_FSA523840
HairMod DLC Character Creator BypassElysiumFicDLC_CON_HairModCC23830
FSC Casual - Ashley Tunic VariationsOriginal by VoodooSeason,retexture/color variDLC_CON_FSCAshTunics23827
FSC Casual - Jeans and SweatshirtFireMadeFleshDLC_CON_FSCCasualJeans23826
FSC Casual - HelenaELEDLC_CON_FSCCasualHelena23825
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 054 Joice DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf5423822
FemSheps ArmoryElysiumFicDLC_CON_Breathers23820
ALOV for ME3 - 3rd PartyMellinDLC_MOD_ALOV_Patches15000
Alternate Liara ArmorBullobrienDLC_MOD_LiaraArmorAlt11001
Alternate Liara OutfitBullobrienDLC_MOD_LiaraDefaultAlt11000
Fanciful EDI Armor Variations - Heroes 2BullobrienDLC_MOD_FancifulEDIMore9996
Fanciful EDI Armor Variations - SkimpyBullobrienDLC_MOD_FancifulEDISkimpy9995
Fanciful EDI Armor Variations - Movies TV and GamesBullobrienDLC_MOD_FancifulEDIMovie9994
Fanciful EDI Armor Variations - CostumesBullobrienDLC_MOD_FancifulEDICost9993
Fanciful EDI Armor Variations - HeroesBullobrienDLC_MOD_FancifulEDI9992
Ashley Citadel Coup Ajax ArmourRubyDorjeDLC_ASH_CitCoup9099
Slim N7 Typhoonsurvivor686DLC_MOD_SlimN7Typhoon8765
Optional Flirting Modphoenixsoul13DLC_MOD_OptionalFlirtingMod8314
Jacob ME2 Body CasualRubyDorjeDLC_JCB_ME2C7887
Princess Demeter's Kaidan DLC Modsprincessdemeter and Scottina123DLC_MOD_Kaidan7800
ME3 Weaponry Tweaks Infinite AmmoArJedDLC_MOD_ARSENAL_IAmmo7778
Miranda ME2 BoobsRubyDorjeDLC_ME2_Miranda7777
Miranda Red Shorts OutfitRubyDorjeDLC_MIR_Shorts7777
ME3 Weaponry Tweaks BaseArJedDLC_MOD_ARSENAL_Base7777
Spectre Weapons ModCaptainObviousauDLC_CON_SpectreWeapons7205
Ashley Miniskirt - BarefootRubyDorjeDLC_ASH_MiniF6999
Ashley Miniskirt CE - BarefootRubyDorjeDLC_ASH_MiniFCE6999
Ashley Miniskirt - Blue shoesRubyDorjeDLC_ASH_MiniS6999
Ashley Miniskirt CERubyDorjeDLC_ASH_MiniSCE6999
Ashley Miniskirt CE - BluishRubyDorjeDLC_ASH_MiniSCE_Bluish6999
Ashley Miniskirt CE - WhiteRubyDorjeDLC_ASH_MiniSCE_White6999
Ashley Sexy Casual LookRubyDorjeDLC_ASH_Shorts6999
Ashley Topless (w/Socks)RubyDorjeDLC_ASH_Socks6999
Ashley ToplessRubyDorjeDLC_ASH_Topless6999
Liara Naked BodyRubyDorjeDLC_NKD_Liara6969
Liara NKD Body in ShoesRubyDorjeDLC_NKD_Liarax6969
Ashley Liara and Kaidan Romance WakeupRubyDorjeDLC_ROM_Blanket6969
Liara CE Armour as Casual - GreenRubyDorjeDLC_CEL_Grn6699
Liara CE Armour as Casual - BlueRubyDorjeDLC_CEL_Blue6688
Liara CE Armour as CasualRubyDorjeDLC_CE_Liara6677
Liara AltAppPack1 ArmourRubyDorjeDLC_LIA_RA46655
Miranda in Red - Original OutfitRubyDorjeDLC_EXP_MIR6600
Liara Romance Wakeup - Alt SlippersRubyDorjeDLC_LIA_NKDSlippers6600
Liara Romance Wakeup - Alt SneakersRubyDorjeDLC_LIA_NKDSnickers6600
Armax TournamentSilDLC_MOD_Tourney6500
Garrus CasualRubyDorjeDLC_MOD_GRC_v26410
Garrus Funky CasualRubyDorjeDLC_MOD_GRC_v36400
Arguing Couple FixCirosanDLC_MOD_ArguingCoupleFix6220
Mass Effect 3: RedemptionMgamerzDLC_MOD_MPMapPack6209
Unofficial Mass Effect 3 PatchOrikonDLC_MOD_TOC6203
Eagle for PredatorRubyDorjeDLC_EXP_EGL6200
FemSheps Armory DLC Armor ModsElysiumFic (Uploader - Multiple Authors)DLC_CON_FemShepsArmory6110
Customizable Ashley Armour for FemShepmrjack/Ottemis/ElysiumFicDLC_CON_CustomAshley6105
Abehce Femshep Hair 01 - Counting StarsElysiumFic (original by Abehce)DLC_CON_ABEHCEf016101
Abehce Femshep Hair 02 - Black BulletElysiumFic (original by Abehce)DLC_CON_ABEHCEf026101
Abehce Femshep Hair 03 - E3ElysiumFic (original by Abehce)DLC_CON_ABEHCEf036101
Abehce Femshep Hair 04 - HannaElysiumFic (original by Abehce)DLC_CON_ABEHCEf046101
Abehce Femshep Hair 05 - HearthquakeElysiumFic (original by Abehce)DLC_CON_ABEHCEf056101
Abehce Femshep Hair 06 - J134ElysiumFic (original by Abehce)DLC_CON_ABEHCEf066101
Abehce Femshep Hair 07 - JoshuaElysiumFic (original by Abehce)DLC_CON_ABEHCEf076101
Abehce Femshep Hair 08 - UproarElysiumFic (original by Abehce)DLC_CON_ABEHCEf086101
Kani FemShep Hair Mod 01 CambrianElysiumFic (original by Kani Hime)DLC_CON_KHf016101
Kani FemShep Hair Mod 02 FrizzyElysiumFic (original by Kani Hime)DLC_CON_KHf026101
Kani FemShep Hair Mod 03 ButterflySims 72ElysiumFic (original by Kani Hime)DLC_CON_KHf036101
Kani FemShep Hair Mod 04 HarperElysiumFic (original by Kani Hime)DLC_CON_KHf046101
Kani FemShep Hair Mod 05 HelenaElysiumFic (original by Kani Hime)DLC_CON_KHf056101
Kani FemShep Hair Mod 06 CoolSims98ElysiumFic (original by Kani Hime)DLC_CON_KHf066101
Kani FemShep Hair Mod 07 SkySims21ElysiumFic (original by Kani Hime)DLC_CON_KHf076101
Kani FemShep Hair Mod 08 Annie_LElysiumFic (original by Kani Hime)DLC_CON_KHf086101
Kani FemShep Hair Mod 09 ButterflySims 060ElysiumFic (original by Kani Hime)DLC_CON_KHf096101
Kani FemShep Hair Mod 10 Peggy8160ElysiumFic (original by Kani Hime)DLC_CON_KHf106101
Kani FemShep Hair Mod 11 Chain ReactionElysiumFic (original by Kani Hime)DLC_CON_KHf116101
Kani FemShep Hair Mod 12 PerryElysiumFic (original by Kani Hime)DLC_CON_KHf126101
Kani FemShep Hair Mod 13 Sims2fanbg 18ElysiumFic (original by Kani Hime)DLC_CON_KHf136101
Kani FemShep Hair Mod 14 TronElysiumFic (original by Kani Hime)DLC_CON_KHf146101
NIL FemShep Hair Mod 01 CainElysiumFic (original by NameisLooney)DLC_CON_NILf016101
NIL FemShep Hair Mod 02 NewSea2ElysiumFic (original by NameisLooney)DLC_CON_NILf026101
NIL FemShep Hair Mod 03 Pixie HairElysiumFic (original by NameisLooney)DLC_CON_NILf036101
NIL FemShep Hair Mod 04 Peggy BraidElysiumFic (original by NameisLooney)DLC_CON_NILf046101
NIL FemShep Hair Mod 05 SkySims140ElysiumFic (original by NameisLooney)DLC_CON_NILf056101
NIL FemShep Hair Mod 06 Foam SummerElysiumFic (original by NameisLooney)DLC_CON_NILf066101
NIL FemShep Hair Mod 07 Bfly062ElysiumFic (original by NameisLooney)DLC_CON_NILf076101
NIL FemShep Hair Mod 08 Bfly068ElysiumFic (original by NameisLooney)DLC_CON_NILf086101
NIL FemShep Hair Mod 09 BreathElysiumFic (original by NameisLooney)DLC_CON_NILf096101
NIL FemShep Hair Mod 10 MadeleineElysiumFic (original by NameisLooney)DLC_CON_NILf106101
NIL FemShep Hair Mod 11 ChantalElysiumFic (original by NameisLooney)DLC_CON_NILf116101
NIL FemShep Hair Mod 12 OverflowElysiumFic (original by NameisLooney)DLC_CON_NILf126101
NIL FemShep Hair Mod 13 LaraElysiumFic (original by NameisLooney)DLC_CON_NILf136101
NIL FemShep Hair Mod 14 Peggy 7182ElysiumFic (original by NameisLooney)DLC_CON_NILf146101
NIL FemShep Hair Mod 15 Rosesims93ElysiumFic (original by NameisLooney)DLC_CON_NILf156101
NIL FemShep Hair Mod 16 Sky148ElysiumFic (original by NameisLooney)DLC_CON_NILf166101
NIL FemShep Hair Mod 17 Sky218ElysiumFic (original by NameisLooney)DLC_CON_NILf176101
NIL FemShep Hair Mod 18 Sky245ElysiumFic (original by NameisLooney)DLC_CON_NILf186101
NIL FemShep Hair Mod 19 Sky020ElysiumFic (original by NameisLooney)DLC_CON_NILf196101
NIL FemShep Hair Mod 20 Sky124ElysiumFic (original by NameisLooney)DLC_CON_NILf206101
Squad Weaponry and AI TweaksShadohzDLC_MOD_SWAT6050
FemShep v BroShep: Duel of the Shepards - Vanilla vsExkyworDLC_MOD_FSvBS_V6018
FemShep v BroShep: Duel of the ShepardsExkyworDLC_MOD_FSvBS6017
Revamped Biotic FlareEnigmaVoidDLC_MOD_RF6015
Automatic Valkyriesurvivor686DLC_MOD_AutoValkyrie6001
Carnifex Replaces PredatorRubyDorjeDLC_CON_CPR6000
Customizable Asari Adept Armour for FemShepmrjackDLC_CON_FSACustAsariAdept5902
Final Confrontation Overhaul ModOrikonDLC_MOD_ECOM5300
Silent TraynorHerobrine24DLC_MOD_SILENTTRAYNOR5240
Alternative Journal and Russian Text Fix — High Priority ModuleTiran8800DLC_MOD_AlterJournal_HPM5215
Alternate Journal and Russian Text Fix — High Priority ModuleTiran8800DLC_MOD_ME3JTF_HPM5215
Improved Memorial WallOrikonDLC_MOD_IMW5213
Shepard Saves ChristmasStrife The HistorianDLC_MOD_SSCC5200
Jacob Gets Sucker PunchedExkyworDLC_MOD_JGSP5180
Hairy Sheploo Helmet PatchesKhaar Machinima, ThaliaGrace & Jenya66DLC_MOD_HairySheploo_Patches5175
Take Earth BackTydeousDLC_MOD_LONDON5173
Spectre Expansion Mod - LoreSilDLC_MOD_SEMWeapon5172
Project Variety Compatibility PatchesScottina123DLC_MOD_ProjectVarietyP5171
Spectre Expansion ModSilDLC_MOD_Spectre5170
Squadmates RevampedRudenberukuDLC_MOD_SRV5165
Aria ArmornagyondDLC_MOD_AriaArmor5161
Legion Arena ModRuleOfRoseDLC_MOD_Legion_Arena5161
Aria Arena ModCxyrtyxDLC_MOD_Aria_Arena5160
Respawn - Mission OverhaulSilDLC_MOD_Respawn5150
Restoration Project: Miranda - PatchesExkyworDLC_MOD_RESTORATION_MirandaP5123
FemShep & Jack Romance Mod for ME3MentlegenDLC_MOD_FJRM5122
FemShep and Miranda Romance Mod (CEM Goodbye w ALOT)MentlegenDLC_MOD_FMRM_P15118
FemShep & Miranda Romance Mod for ME3BryanB3218 (Mentlegen)DLC_MOD_FMRM5117
Tali Romance ModAVPenDLC_CON_TRM5100
Diana Allers BeGoneAVPenDLC_CON_Allers5050
Allers RedoneJenya66DLC_MOD_Allers_Redone5042
Shut Up, LengScottina123DLC_MOD_Leng5020
Miranda Powerset RevampedRuleOfRoseDLC_MOD_MEM5012
Ambient Audio Overhaul ModOrikonDLC_MOD_AAOM5011
Ark ModKinkojiroDLC_MOD_EGM_Ark5010
Ark Mod - Hazard MapsKinkojiroDLC_MOD_EGM_Haz5005
EGM ThaneMod CompatibilityKinkojiroDLC_MOD_EGM_TM25003
EGM ExtrasKinkojiroDLC_MOD_EGM_Extra5002
Miranda ModKinkojiro and co.DLC_MOD_EGM_Miranda5001
Expanded Galaxy ModKinkojiroDLC_MOD_EGM5000
EGM Squad PackKinkojiroDLC_MOD_EGM_Squad4999
Omega HubKinkojiroDLC_MOD_EGM_Omg4993
EGM Multiplayer Assets PackKinkojiro and the EGM TeamDLC_MOD_EGM_MPR4991
Respawn - Mission Overhaul - N7 MapsSilDLC_MOD_RespawnN74950
Damage NumbersTajfun403DLC_MOD_DmgNums4935
Tali RemasteredGetorex/Creative MachinimaDLC_CON_TaliMaster4848
Priority Earth Overhaul ModOrikonDLC_CON_PEOM4800
Shepard Saves ChristmasStrife The HistorianDLC_MOD_SSC4799
Mass Effect 3 UltrawideCupelix14DLC_MOD_MEU34780
Phantom Introduction ModTydeousDLC_MOD_PIM4776
Immersive Thessia ModOrikonDLC_MOD_ITM4750
DLC Brook ArmorShadowmixDLC_MOD_BrooksArmor4732
Kai Leng Head ModOrikonDLC_MOD_LengHeadMod4700
Nobody CheatedSpaceD0lphinDLC_MOD_NBC4659
Steam Controller ModDropTheSquidDLC_MOD_Steam_Controller4451
Storm ImprovementsDropTheSquidDLC_MOD_Storm_Improvements4450
Easy Arcade GamesMatallicDLC_MOD_ARCADE4448
Fate of Emily WongMatallicDLC_MOD_WONG4447
Garrus with No VisorPadme4000DLC_MOD_Garrus_No_Visor4445
Saren as GarrusPadme4000DLC_MOD_Saren_as_Garrus4444
Relay Be GonezzmiDLC_MOD_RelayBG4400
Project Variety (Extras)Scottina123DLC_MOD_ProjectVarietyE4318
Project VarietyScottina123DLC_MOD_ProjectVariety4316
A Human EDIScottina123DLC_MOD_EDI4315
Ashley Warpacksurvivor686DLC_CON_AshWar4314
Geth Dreadnought Aftermath ModRevan100DLC_MOD_GDA4306
Kai Leng RefinedGabe8DLC_MOD_KLR4305
Proof of Concept: Co-Op Campaign MissionsMgamerzDLC_MOD_MPMapPack24300
GPG mShep Hair Mod 01 Adonis DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGm014189
GPG mShep Hair Mod 02 Anders DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGm024189
GPG mShep Hair Mod 03 Brienne DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGm034189
GPG mShep Hair Mod 04 Chain Reaction DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGm044189
GPG mShep Hair Mod 05 Dreadlocks DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGm054189
GPG mShep Hair Mod 06 Flashback DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGm064189
GPG mShep Hair Mod 07 Flop DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGm074189
GPG mShep Hair Mod 08 Footsprint DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGm084189
GPG mShep Hair Mod 09 Gantz DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGm094189
GPG mShep Hair Mod 10 Hysteria DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGm104189
GPG mShep Hair Mod 11 Leon DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGm114189
GPG mShep Hair Mod 12 Macho DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGm124189
GPG mShep Hair Mod 13 mHawke DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGm134189
GPG mShep Hair Mod 14 Nicholas DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGm144189
GPG mShep Hair Mod 16 Passion DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGm164189
GPG mShep Hair Mod 17 Pompadour DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGm174189
GPG mShep Hair Mod 18 Rough Sketch DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGm184189
GPG mShep Hair Mod 19 Siamese DLC ALERTElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGm194189
GPG mShep Hair Mod 20 Unchained DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGm204189
GPG mShep Hair Mod 21 Veteran DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGm214189
GPG mShep Hair Mod 22 Zombrex DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGm224189
GPG mShep Hair Mod 23 Fallout DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGm234189
Garrus Funky - Formal CasualRubyDorjeDLC_GAR_FRM4108
Garrus Funky CasualRubyDorjeDLC_GAR_GFC4108
Garrus CasualRubyDorjeDLC_GAR_GRC4108
unlocked key T to bindrokusDLC_MOD_ME3keyTunbind4074
ME3 Auto Cover OffrokusDLC_MOD_ME3AutoCoverOff4073
ME3 Toggle WalkrokusDLC_MOD_ME3toggleWalk4072
ME3 Decals stay - version 1800srokusDLC_MOD_ME3decalsStay4071
ME3 10x Time Speed Up ButtonrokusDLC_MOD_ME3timeSpeedButton4070
ME3 Skip conversation not select answersrokusDLC_MOD_ME3notSkipAnswers4069
ME3 Powers Penetrate ShieldsrokusDLC_MOD_ME3powersPenetrateShield4068
ME3 Separate Use Cover SprintrokusDLC_MOD_ME3separateOmni4067
ME3 Separate Use Cover Sprint - MProkusDLC_MOD_ME3separateOmniMP4067
ME3 Enemies Shield Gate - DisabledrokusDLC_MOD_ME3shieldGate4066
Workout clothes as starting clothes for femshepBullobrienDLC_MOD_Workoutclothes4012
Additional Character Creation OptionsbeccatoriaDLC_MOD_CHARCREATE4006
Femshep Replacer - Extended CutNoiraFaynDLC_MOD_FemShepReplExtCut4001
Garrus Talon ArmourRubyDorjeDLC_TLN_GAR4000
Ashley Citadel Coup Officers' UniformRubyDorjeDLC_ASH_Gtrx3995
Tali Full Face ModGetorexDLC_CON_TaliFF3992
Traynor - Femshep Nude ModGetorexDLC_CON_Traynor3991
Ashley Plus Makeover ModGetorexDLC_CON_Geto013990
Bonus Power Pack 2AVPenDLC_CON_BPPack23919
Bonus Power Pack 1AVPenDLC_CON_BPPack13918
Restored Zaeed ConversationSirCxyrtyx DLC_EXP_ZAEED3917
Improved Fitness and Encumbrance AVPenDLC_CON_Fitness3913
Liara Ajax ArmorprincessdemeterDLC_CON_LAJAX3912
Maya Brooks - Cerberus UniformAVPenDLC_CON_Brooks3910
Grunt - Aralakh CommanderAVPenDLC_CON_Grunt3906
Miranda - Arena ArmorAVPenDLC_CON_MiriArmorCit3905
Stimulant Pack - True Bonus PowerAVPenDLC_CON_StimPack3903
Cullen ModxBaebsaeDLC_CON_CULF3902
Miranda - Horizon ArmorAVPenDLC_CON_MiriArmor3902
Casual JackAVPenDLC_CON_Jack3901
Liara CasualPoophairJonesDLC_CON_LIAC3901
Expanded Character Creator ME3Jenya66DLC_MOD_ECC3855
Miranda - Alternative UniformAVPenDLC_CON_MiriUniform3852
Ashley Markman FixAVPenDLC_CON_AshFix3851
Ken and Gabby Recruitment RestorationSirCxyrtyxDLC_CON_KenGabby3850
Restoration Project: MirandaExkyworDLC_MOD_RESTORATION_Miranda3800
Same-Gender Romances for ME3rondeenoDLC_MOD_SameGender3730
JAM v1.5 to CEMDeagerDLC_CON_JtoC3717
JAM v1.5 to CEM FullDeager DLC_CON_JtoCF3717
JAM v1.5 to CEM LiteDeager DLC_CON_JtoCL3717
LIME vA to CEMDeagerDLC_CON_LtoC3717
MEHEMv0.5 to CEMDeagerDLC_CON_MtoC3717
Extended Cut to CitadelDeagerDLC_CON_ECtoC3713
Extended cut to Citadel - DELAYEDDeagerDLC_EXP_DELAY3712
modded MEHEMDeagerDLC_EXP_mMEHEM3712
MEHEMv0.5 to CEMDeagerDLC_CON_MaLItoCF3700
MEHEMv0.5 to CEMDeagerDLC_CON_MtoCF3700
MEHEMv0.5 to CEMLDeagerDLC_CON_MtoCL3700
ThaneMod to CEM FullDeagerDLC_CON_TMMtoCF3700
ThaneMod to CEM LightDeagerDLC_CON_TMMtoCL3700
Less Is More EndingsDeagerDLC_CON_LIME3690
ME3 Opening RemasterMellinDLC_MOD_OpRemaster3680
ASG FemShep Hair Mod 01 Messy Updo DLCElysiumFic (original by ASG)DLC_CON_ASGf013677
ASG FemShep Hair Mod 02 Shepard Bob DLCElysiumFic (original by ASG)DLC_CON_ASGf023677
ASG FemShep Hair Mod 03 Mullet DLCElysiumFic (original by ASG)DLC_CON_ASGf033677
CS FemShep Hair Mod 01 Candice DLCElysiumFic (original by Counting Stars)DLC_CON_CSf013677
CS FemShep Hair Mod 02 DLCElysiumFic (original by Counting Stars)DLC_CON_CSf023677
CS FemShep Hair Mod 03 Gantz DLCElysiumFic (original by Counting Stars)DLC_CON_CSf033677
CS FemShep Hair Mod 04 DLCElysiumFic (original by Counting Stars)DLC_CON_CSf043677
CS FemShep Hair Mod 05 SkySims3ElysiumFic (original by Counting Stars)DLC_CON_CSf053677
CS FemShep Hair Mod 06 Long Bob DLCElysiumFic (original by Counting Stars)DLC_CON_CSf063677
CS FemShep Hair Mod 07 Bad KidElysiumFic (original by Counting Stars)DLC_CON_CSf073677
ELE FemShep Hair Mod 01 Lucky StarElysiumFic (original by ELE)DLC_CON_ELEf013677
ELE FemShep Hair Mod 02 Wavy BobElysiumFic (original by ELE)DLC_CON_ELEf023677
ELE FemShep Hair Mod 03 CoolSims 4 1_1ElysiumFic (original by ELE)DLC_CON_ELEf033677
ELE FemShep Hair Mod 04 KyokoElysiumFic (original by ELE)DLC_CON_ELEf043677
ELE FemShep Hair Mod 05 Legacy -ME2- ClassyElysiumFic (original by ELE)DLC_CON_ELEf053677
ELE FemShep Hair Mod 06 Legacy -ME2- CustomSexyElysiumFic (original by ELE)DLC_CON_ELEf063677
ELE FemShep Hair Mod 07 Legacy -ME2- MomElysiumFic (original by ELE)DLC_CON_ELEf073677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 001 Afro DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf013677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 002 Amor DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf023677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 003 Angelic DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf033677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 004 Sky097 DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf043677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 005 Synthesis DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf053677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 006 Top Gorgeous DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf063677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 007 Vice City DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf073677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 008 Asity DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf083677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 009 Born to Die DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf093677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 010 Dream Glory DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf103677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 100 XOXO DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf1003677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 101 Footprint DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf1013677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 102 Dreads Pony DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf1023677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 103 Dreads No Pony DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf1033677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 104 Wavy DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf1043677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 105 Combat Ponytail Pinned DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf1053677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 106 Combat Ponytail Free DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf1063677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 011 Equinoxe DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf113677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 012 Fishtail Braid DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf123677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 013 Ivory DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf133677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 014 Loose Bun DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf143677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 015 Lotus DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf153677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 016 Red Carpet DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf163677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 017 River DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf173677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 018 Sakura DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf183677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 019 Sandra DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf193677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 020 Sky205 DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf203677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 021 Starlet DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf213677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 022 Sunset Glow DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf223677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 023 Uproar DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf233677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 024 BadKid DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf243677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 025 Black Bullet DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf253677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 026 Brienne DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf263677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 027 ButtterflySims086 DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf273677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 028 ButtterflySims046 DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf283677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 029 CaressElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf293677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 030 Cheerleader DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf303677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 031 Chignon DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf313677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 032 Chinese Girl DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf323677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 033 Coven DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf333677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 034 Crazy Love DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf343677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 035 Cyber DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf353677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 036 DaBomb DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf363677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 037 Daisy DLC transElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf373677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 038 Dara DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf383677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 039 Dream DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf393677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 040 Edge DLC ALERTElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf403677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 041 Elizabeth DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf413677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 042 Firenze DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf423677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 043 Foam Summer DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf433677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 044 Getup DLC transElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf443677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 045 Glam DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf453677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 046 Gravitation DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf463677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 047 Guinivere DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf473677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 048 Hello DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf483677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 049 Hideout DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf493677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 050 Highlife DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf503677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 051 Hot Rollers DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf513677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 052 Inkstone DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf523677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 053 jcrown DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf533677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 055 kerli DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf553677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 056 koala DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf563677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 057 Lafite DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf573677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 058 Lake DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf583677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 059 Liberty DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf593677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 060 LikeLust DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf603677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 061 Loose Pony DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf613677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 062 Lullaby DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf623677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 063 Madeleine DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf633677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 064 Mila DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf643677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 065 Miles Away DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf653677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 066 Milk Maid DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf663677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 067 Milk Maid 2 DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf673677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 068 Moonrise DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf683677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 069 New Yorker DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf693677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 070 Nova DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf703677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 071 Obscura DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf713677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 072 Papaya DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf723677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 073 Peggy Braid DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf733677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 074 Shaine DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf743677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 075 Shell DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf753677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 076 Sidebraids DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf763677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 077 Sky082 DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf773677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 078 Sky127 DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf783677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 079 Sky148 DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf793677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 080 Sky167 DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf803677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 081 Sky188 DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf813677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 082 Sky190 DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf823677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 083 Sleeper DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf833677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 084 Slowly DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf843677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 085 Slumber DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf853677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 086a Sparks Long DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf86a3677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 086b Sparks Trim DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf86b3677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 087 Special DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf873677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 088 Spring DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf883677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 089 StellaElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf893677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 090 Studio DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf903677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 091 Sweet Escape DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf913677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 092 TeAmo DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf923677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 093 Titanium DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf933677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 094 Tonight DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf943677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 095 Toyger DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf953677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 096 Vapor DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf963677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 097 Violet DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf973677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 098 Vivacity DLC ALERTElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf983677
GPG FemShep Hair Mod 099 Winter DLCElysiumFic (original by GirlPlaysGames)DLC_CON_GPGf993677
Extended Final Anderson ConversationJohnP/HelixSpiral DLC_CON_ExtAnd3665
JohnP's Alternative MEHEMJohnPDLC_CON_JAM3664
Sleeveless hoodie for FemShepnagyondDLC_CON_Hoodie3587
Fix Pack For Mass Effect 3nexusgladDLC_CON_FixPack3500
N7 Armour ModCaptain ObviousDLC_CON_ARMOUR3481
Cerberus Forces Armor PacklegandalfoDLC_MOD_CRBSHP3440
Platinum difficulty for single-playerLinus04DLC_MOD_PlatinumDifficulty3414
ME1 style Alliance Fatigues and Officer UniformsCaptain Obvious DLC_CON_ME1_UNIFORMS3411
Mass Effect Happy Ending ModMrFobDLC_CON_MEHEM3408
Text-To-Speech ReapersArteriusDLC_MOD_TTSReapers3403
Virmire Casualty ModRevan100DLC_MOD_VCKL3399
F.I.S.H. ModbeccatoriaDLC_MOD_KELLYFISH3390
2 New Casual Outfits for Male ShepardPoophairJonesDLC_CON_MSC13389
Better Power Descriptions (Multiplayer)burningcherryDLC_MOD_MP_Power_Descriptions3380
Tali Real-Time ReflectionsSirCxyrtyxDLC_MOD_Tali_Reflections3372
ME3: Custom Combat Drone Colors (Engineer)BosmeroyaDLC_MOD_CustomTechball3370
CEM HappyDeagerDLC_EXP_CEMG3336
Citadel Epilogue ModDeagerDLC_EXP_CEMF3334
Citadel Epilogue Mod LiteDeagerDLC_EXP_CEML3333
ITEM - Indoctrination Theory Ending ModRevan100DLC_MOD_IT3332
Ultimate PartyDeagerDLC_EXP_nCEM3331
Alternative Journal and Russian Text Fix - Core ModuleTiran8800DLC_MOD_AlterJournal_Core3325
Bee MovieJade (LordEmil1)DLC_MOD_Bee3316
Cheater's PadShadohzDLC_MOD_CHTPAD3314
Shorter DreamsDeagerDLC_EXP_SD3310
Classic BioticsPsych1cFuryDLC_MOD_CBIOTIC3308
Buzzcut for Default FemshepbeccatoriaDLC_MOD_BUZZ3307
Thomas The Reaper EngineExkyworDLC_MOD_RPRENG3306
Unofficial Mass Effect 3 PatchHadrorexDLC_MOD_ME3PATCH3305
Hairy SheplooKhaar Machinima, ThaliaGrace & Jenya66DLC_MOD_HAIRYSHEPLOO3304
ALOV for ME3 - Official DLCsMellin and ALOV TeamDLC_MOD_ALOV_DLC3302
ALOV for ME3 - CoreMellinDLC_MOD_ALOV3301
Genesis 2BioWare OfficialDLC_CON_DH13300
Alternate Journal and Russian Text Fix — Core ModuleTiran8800DLC_MOD_ME3JTF3283
Citadel - Part IIBioWare OfficialDLC_EXP_Pack0033250
Citadel - Part IBioWare OfficialDLC_EXP_Pack003_Base3249
Mass Effect 3: RejectionMgamerzDLC_MOD_MP_Extras3230
ReckoningBioWare OfficialDLC_CON_MP53225
Multiplayer Balance Changes Cache 2BioWare OfficialDLC_UPD_Patch023220
Alternate Appearance Pack 1BioWare OfficialDLC_CON_APP013210
OmegaBioWare OfficialDLC_EXP_Pack0023200
Groundside Resistance PackBioWare OfficialDLC_CON_GUN023100
RetaliationBioWare OfficialDLC_CON_MP43050
Multiplayer Balance Changes Cache 1BioWare OfficialDLC_UPD_Patch013025
LeviathanBioWare OfficialDLC_EXP_Pack0012999
EGM DLC Compatibility PackKinkojiroDLC_MOD_EGM_Patch2998
Alliance Armor PackKinkojiroDLC_MOD_EGM_AAP2990
Firefight PackBioWare OfficialDLC_CON_GUN012950
Extended CutBioWare OfficialDLC_CON_END2900
EarthBioWare OfficialDLC_CON_MP32700
ME3 Extended ClassesVergil65DLC_MOD_ME3ExtendedClasses2501
RebellionBioWare OfficialDLC_CON_MP22500
ResurgenceBioWare OfficialDLC_CON_MP12300
Collectors Edition ContentBioWare OfficialDLC_OnlinePassHidCE2040
Kaiden and James ArmorAnnatar052DLC_MOD_JKalliancearmour2020
Alliance WarpackEGM TeamDLC_MOD_EGM_Alliance2005
From AshesBioWare OfficialDLC_HEN_PR2000
Mass Effect Re-SculptedZeroEscapeDLC_MOD_RESCULPTED1818
Mass Effect Re-Sculpted - BuffZero EscapeDLC_MOD_RESCULPTED_Buff1818
Just Another Hair ModBLU (novemblu)DLC_MOD_ANTO_ME3BLU1128
Cutoff Hoodie - LiaranagyondDLC_MOD_LiaraCutOff1057
Cutoff Hoodie - AshleynagyondDLC_MOD_AshCutOff1041
Cutoff Hoodie - ShepardnagyondDLC_MOD_ShepCutOff1025
Tank top and THE jacketnagyondDLC_CON_Tanktop1009
Tank top with jeans and THE jacketnagyondDLC_CON_TanktopJeans1009
Tank top and JacketZander TenokiDLC_MOD_Wardrobe1009
TESTPATCHBioWare OfficialDLC_TestPatch1005

Outdated and old mods

Items in this table are either no longer available or have been superseded and should not be considered as part of the main modding scene. They remain here for documentation purposes.

Mod NameMaintainerDLC Folder NameMount Priority
Mod Manager (6.0+) UI Compatibility PacksMod ManagerDLC_MOD_GUICompatibilityPack31050
Mod Manager (5.x) UI Compatibility PacksMod ManagerDLC_MOD_USERCHOSENNAME31050
SP Controller SupportMgamerzDLC_CON_XBX31040
Interface Scaling ModMgamerzDLC_CON_UIScaling31039
Jack Complete OverhaulScottina123DLC_MOD_JackB8015
Miranda ArmorScottina123DLC_MOD_MiriArmor8014
Traynor Off Duty OutfitScottina123DLC_MOD_TraynorCit8012
Aria Armor ModScottina123DLC_MOD_Aria8011
A Modest Diana AllersScottina123DLC_MOD_Allers8010
Jack Citadel DLC OutfitScottina123DLC_MOD_JackC7790
Hide SelectorXanderVirtusDLC_SFX_Selector7777
Miranda Red Shorts OutfitRubyDorjeDLC_EXP_MRS_v17777
Miranda Red Shorts OutfitRubyDorjeDLC_EXP_MRS7777
Tali Casual SuitLargon133DLC_MOD_Tali7760
Jack New ArmorScottina123DLC_MOD_JackArmor7730
Simply More SavesScottina123DLC_MOD_Save7710
Jacob New OutfitScottina123DLC_MOD_Jacob7500
Miranda in Red - Original Outfit RetextureRubyDorjeDLC_EXP_MIR_v26600
Miranda Red Shorts OutfitRubyDorjeDLC_MIR_Miranda6600
PEOM - BackOff Compatibility PatchOrikon/GiftfishDLC_MOD_PEOM_BO_Patch6000
PEOM - EGM Compatibility PackageOrikon/KinkojiroDLC_CON_PEOM_EGM5012
Priority Earth EGM CompatibilityOrikon/KinkojiroDLC_MOD_PEOM_EGM5012
EGM (Legacy)/Controller Compatibility PackKinkojiro/FemShepDLC_CON_MAPMOD_Xbox5010
EGM HR Vehicle PackKinkojiroDLC_MOD_EGM_Vehicles5004
EGM (Legacy)/Backoff Compatibility PackKinkojiro/GiftfishDLC_CON_MAPMOD_BO5002
Expanded Galaxy Mod (Legacy)KinkojiroDLC_CON_MAPMOD5001
Kai Leng Email RemoverScottina123DLC_MOD_KEmail4378
Interface Scaling Add-OnMgamerzDLC_CON_UIScaling_Shared4192
Kasumi UnmaskedScottina123DLC_MOD_Kasumi3948
Same-sex Romances for ME3rondeenoDLC_MOD_SameSex3730
BackOff PatchesgiftfishDLC_CON_BOPATCHES3670
Ashley Battlepacksurvivor686DLC_CON_ASH3664
Miranda RedoneScottina123DLC_MOD_Miri3500
Better DreamsgiftfishDLC_MOD_BTRDRMS3320
Better Cabin MusicgiftfishDLC_MOD_BCM3315
Urz on the NormandygiftfishDLC_CON_URZ3310
Urz on the NormandygiftfishDLC_MOD_URZ3310
ME3RecalibratedME3Recalibrated TeamDLC_MOD_ME3RE3305
Samara RedoneScottina123DLC_MOD_SamaraArmor3303
ALOV for ME3 4K - Optional upgradesMellinDLC_MOD_ALOV_Optional3302
Zaeed Outfit OverhaulScottina123DLC_MOD_ZaeedC3301
Citadel DLC RedoneScottina123DLC_MOD_CDR3294
ME3RecalibratedME3Recalibrated TeamDLC_CON_ME3RE3275
Casual JavikScottina123DLC_MOD_Javik3260
Alliance Armor PackKinkojiroDLC_CON_MAPMOD_AAP2990