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Known mount priorities to help build your mod.

Prevent mount conflicts.

Choosing the correct mount priority will help make sure your mod gracefully degrades to other mods with a higher mount priority.

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Data on this page is gathered from telemetry data users can send from Mod Manager. This data is not collected manually, but it is checked and prepared for proper use.

DLC Mod Reference

Know your priorities

It's important to choose the right priority to from the start so you and other developers don't need to spend tons of time developing compatibility packs.

Find other mods

Click on the mod link to go directly to the mod's primary hosting page. Most DLC mods can be imported into Mod Manager after install.

Identify potential conflicts

Mods with lower priorites will have content overridden by ones that replace the same files in higher priorities.

Known DLC Mods for Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect Mass Effect 2 Mass Effect 3

If you are making a mod that is strictly global texture or mesh changes, you should use Mass Effect Modder's .mem format for distribution, as it improves compatibility.

Rows highlighted in red have a duplicate mount priority with at least one other DLC mod. Installing mods with the same priority at the same time will cause undefined behavior in the game engine.

Mod NameMaintainerDLC Folder NameMount PriorityModule #
Speedrun ModeEmilioDLC_MOD_Speedrun5000760
Recovered PowersTajfun403DLC_EXP_Powers13901401
Modern Weapon PackTajfun403DLC_EXP_MdrnWpn999402
Same-Gender Romances for ME2rondeenoDLC_MOD_SameGender52080
New Armor Colors and Casual OutfitsEmilioDLC_MOD_Colors50478
New Death MessagesEmilio (LordEmil1)DLC_MOD_Death50377
No Guns - A Challenge Run ModEmilioDLC_MOD_NoGuns50276
First Person Mode - CombatEmilioDLC_MOD_FPMCombat50175
ArrivalBioWare OfficialDLC_EXP_Part0240025
Alternate Appearance Pack 2BioWare OfficialDLC_CON_Pack0238021
GenesisBioWare OfficialDLC_DHME137540
Lair of the Shadow BrokerBioWare OfficialDLC_EXP_Part0130024
Firepower packBioWare OfficialDLC_MCR_0113612
Aegis PackBioWare OfficialDLC_CER_0213411
OverlordBioWare OfficialDLC_UNC_Pack0113220
Equalizer packBioWare OfficialDLC_MCR_0312819
Alternate Appearance Pack 1BioWare OfficialDLC_CON_Pack0112515
Kasumi - Stolen MemoryBioWare OfficialDLC_HEN_MT1193
Firewalker PackBioWare OfficialDLC_UNC_Hammer0111832
Arc ProjectorBioWare OfficialDLC_CER_Arc11634
Recon HoodBioWare OfficialDLC_PRO_Pepper0211329
Umbra VisorBioWare OfficialDLC_PRO_Pepper0111228
Sentry InterfaceBioWare OfficialDLC_PRO_Gulp0111130
Inferno ArmorBioWare OfficialDLC_PRE_General1095
Terminus Weapon and ArmorBioWare OfficialDLC_PRE_Gamestop1084
Blood Dragon ArmorBioWare OfficialDLC_PRE_DA1077
Collectors' Weapon and ArmorBioWare OfficialDLC_PRE_Collectors1068
Cerberus Weapon and ArmorBioWare OfficialDLC_PRE_Cerberus1059
M-29 IncisorBioWare OfficialDLC_PRE_Incisor1046
Zaeed - The Price of RevengeBioWare OfficialDLC_HEN_VT1002
Normandy Crash SiteBioWare OfficialDLC_UNC_Moment019531

Outdated and old mods

Items in this table are either no longer available or have been superceded and should not be considered as part of the main modding scene. They remain here for documentation purposes.

Mod NameMaintainerDLC Folder NameMount Priority