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Useful information about DLC mods in the scene for all three trilogy games

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Data on this page is gathered from telemetry data users can send from Mod Manager. This data is not collected manually, but it is checked and prepared for proper use.

If you are making a mod that is strictly global texture or mesh changes, you should use Mass Effect Modder's .mem format for distribution, as it improves compatibility.

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It's important to choose the right priority to from the start so you and other developers don't need to spend tons of time developing compatibility packs.

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This database serves as an easy way to identify and locate mods, and powers the 'Third Party Identification Service' in Mod Manager.

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Mods with lower priorites will have content overridden by ones that replace the same files in higher priorities.

Known DLC Mods for Mass Effect (Legendary Edition)

Mass Effect Mass Effect 2 Mass Effect 3 Mass Effect LE Mass Effect 2 LE Mass Effect 3 LE

Rows highlighted in red have a duplicate mount priority with at least one other DLC mod. Installing mods with the same priority at the same time will cause undefined behavior in the game engine.

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Submit telemetry information for your DLC mod from Mod Manager's Mod Utils > Developer options menu and selecting 'Submit mod information to ME3Tweaks'.

Mod NameMaintainerDLC Folder NameMount Priority
Hair AdditionsBubbleButtonDLC_MOD_CreHa22222
Kaidan Alenko OverhaulMentalHygieneDLC_MOD_KaidanOverhaul9687
Lin's Femshep Replacer (LE1)LindestDLC_MOD_LinsDFR17777
Alternative N7 Armor for Femshep LE1rngdshepDLC_MOD_ALTN77500
Fem Shep Casual Outfit ReplacersMentalHygieneDLC_MOD_CasualOutfits7410
Keepers Finders (LE1)55tumblDLC_MOD_KeepersFinders7300
Default Femshep Replacers (LE1)SpiderbabesDLC_MOD_ASLE17255
No Skill Check Required for Loot (LE1)RepugnantPearDLC_MOD_NoSkillCheckRequired7004
Pistols Remade (LE1)RepugnantPearDLC_MOD_Pistols_Remade_LE17003
Buff Effect (LE1)RepugnantPearDLC_MOD_Buff_Effect_LE17002
Tali's LE1 Outfits for Tali Overhaul HDmunchyflyDLC_MOD_TLI_LE16970
Male Shepard Fatigue ReplacerMentalHygieneDLC_MOD_BaraShirt6969
Tali OverhaulMentalHygieneDLC_MOD_TaliOverhaul6938
Another Femshep Hairpack ME1LEMoraxDLC_MOD_AFSHIR6680
LE1 Streamlined Weapon LoadoutsKnighthawk1895DLC_MOD_WeaponLoadouts5987
Liara Consistency Mod (ME1LE) LE3 FaceKhaar MachinimaDLC_MOD_Liara_Consistency_Mod_LE35820
Liara Consistency Mod (ME1LE) LotSB FaceKhaar MachinimaDLC_MOD_Liara_Consistency_Mod_LE25819
Tali Consistency Mod (ALOT)Knighthawk1895DLC_MOD_TaliConsistencyMod5812
Morning's Hairstyles for Maleshep LE1MorningAngelDLC_MOD_MorningHairstylesforMale5042
Morning's Hairstyles for Femshep LE1 PT2MorningAngelDLC_MOD_MorningsHairstylesFemShepPT25033
Morning's Hairstyles for MaleShep LE1 PT2MorningAngelDLC_MOD_MorningHairMale1pt25032
Morning's Hairstyles for FemShep LE1MorningAngelDLC_MOD_MorningsHairstylesFemShep5030
Easier Feros Persuasion Checkphoenixsoul13DLC_MOD_EasierFerosCheck4625
Enhanced/Classic Saren Boss EncountersLunk/Lunkensko/LinkenskiDLC_MOD_SarenBossEdit4029
Advanced Weapon Models for LE1Knighthawk1895DLC_MOD_AdvancedWeaponModels2356
Virmire Savior ModVegzDLC_MOD_VirmireSavior2323
Battle Dress Uniform for Male ShepardMentalHygieneDLC_MOD_BattleDress1655
New Armors for Femshep LE1rngdshepDLC_MOD_FSHEPARM1555
New Casuals for FemsheprngdshepDLC_MOD_FSHEPCAS1500
Force Arena Padme Shepard LE1dragqueenamidalaDLC_MOD_FA_PADME_LE11312
Alternate Casual Outfits - MaleSheprondeenoDLC_MOD_AlternateCasualMaleShep1261
Alternate Casual Outfits - FemSheprondeenoDLC_MOD_AlternateCasualFemShep1260
Essential AssignmentsrondeenoDLC_MOD_EssentialAssignments1160
Tali Transparent VisorMentalHygieneDLC_MOD_TaliTransparentVisor1136
N7 Hoodie for Male ShepardMentalHygieneDLC_MOD_mShepAltCasual1136
N7 Leather Jacket for male ShepardMentalHygieneDLC_MOD_LeatherJacket1134
Jolene ShepardMentalHygieneDLC_MOD_CustomFemShepHead1121
LE1 Diversification Project (ALPHA)AudemusDLC_MOD_DiversityLE11080
LE1 Alternative Bodies - Shepard OnlyZoraskiDLC_MOD_LE1AlternativeBodiesShepardOnly1041
LE1 Alternative BodiesZoraskiDLC_MOD_LE1AlternativeBodies1040
Dr. Chakwas Alliance UniformmunchyflyDLC_MOD_CHAKWAS_ALLIANCE1038
Eden Prime Drop Scene FixKnighthawk1895DLC_MOD_EPDSFix1037
ME3 Alliance Marine Armor for LE1Knighthawk1895DLC_MOD_AllianceMarineArmor1036
Alliance Uniform ConsistencyMistyvailDLC_MOD_AllianceUniformConsistency1035
Benezia OverhaulAleirdraDLC_MOD_BENEHAUL1010
Saren Stages LECatachrismDLC_MOD_Saren_Stages999
Black Market License (LE1)55tumblDLC_MOD_BlackMarket990
Even More Hairstyles (LE1)MalefiquinnDLC_MOD_MOREHAIRS_LE1820
Galaxy Map Trackers (LE1)55tumblDLC_MOD_GalaxyMapTrackers560
Charted Worlds (LE1)55tumblDLC_MOD_ChartedWorlds550
N7 Cat Suit for Female Shepardmental-hygieneDLC_MOD_CatSuit531
Viking Inspired Braid (LE1)Padme4000DLC_MOD_Viking_Inspired_Braid446
ME2 Heavy N7 Armor for LE1dseszuDLC_MOD_ME2HVYN7390
Iconic Fashion Party (LE1)55tumblDLC_MOD_Onyx383
ME2 N7 ArmourMistyvailDLC_MOD_N7ME2381
ME3 N7 ArmourAudemusDLC_MOD_N7ME3380
Less Revealing BeneziaThonDLC_MOD_LessRevealingBenezia251
Omni-Key SeparatorHerobrine24DLC_MOD_OMNIKEY240
Bring Down the Sky Timer RestoredVegzDLC_MOD_BDTSTimer235
Improved Wards Skybox (LE1)AudemusDLC_MOD_WardsSkybox180
Less Intense VigilHenBagleDLC_MOD_LessIntenseVigil170
Elements of Comparative Weaponry (LE1)55tumblDLC_MOD_ComparativeWeaponry120
All gear types for all classesJenya66DLC_MOD_AllGearTypes110
Vanilla-like Femshep Hairstyles (LE1)SpiderbabesDLC_MOD_FemVanillaLE181
Some More Femshep Hairstyles (LE1)SpiderbabesDLC_MOD_FemshepHairLE180
Mission TimingsrondeenoDLC_MOD_MissionTimings75
Brooks Hair for Custom FemshepMoraxDLC_MOD_BROOKSHR66
More Hair for Femshep (ME1LE)Khaar MachinimaDLC_MOD_FemshepHair50
New Hairstyles for MShep - MELE1PoucinetteDLC_MOD_MSHEPHAIR47
No Sexual HarassmentrondeenoDLC_MOD_NoHarassment45
Visor for Turian Medium HelmetmunchyflyDLC_MOD_VISOR_TURIAN43
Faster AirlockrondeenoDLC_MOD_FasterAirlock40
Mako Squadmate BanterHenBagleDLC_MOD_MakoAmbients36
Replenish Grenades LE1HenBagleDLC_MOD_ReplenishGrenades35
Casual Hubs for LE1rondeenoDLC_MOD_CasualHubs33
Ashley's hair for LE1SapphireDLC_MOD_AshHair30
A Lot of Videos(ALOV) Ultrawide for LE1MrBeansworthyDLC_MOD_ALOVUWLE125
Remove Feros Color FilterHerobrine24DLC_MOD_FEROSFILTER24
Mira, Please Be Quietphoenixsoul13DLC_MOD_MIRA23
Pinnacle Station DLCME3TweaksDLC_MOD_Vegas22
Normandy Rapid TransitrondeenoDLC_MOD_NormandyTransit20
Same-Gender Romances for LE1rondeenoDLC_MOD_SameGender15
Morlan's 'Famous' Iconic Armor ShopKinkojiroDLC_MOD_Morlan13
Dr. Heart ExperimentsKhaar MachinimaDLC_MOD_HeartExperiments12
LE1 Community Patch - Non-English VOLE1 Community Patch TeamDLC_MOD_LE1CP_LOC6
LE1 Community PatchLE1 Community Patch TeamDLC_MOD_LE1CP5

Outdated and old mods

Items in this table are either no longer available or have been superseded and should not be considered as part of the main modding scene. They remain here for documentation purposes.

Mod NameMaintainerDLC Folder NameMount Priority
Padme Shepard LE1dragqueenamidalaDLC_MOD_PadmeFemshep1312
Remove Letterboxing on Ultrawide ResolutionsHerobrine24DLC_MOD_LETTERBOX18