Hello there, I'm Mgamerz, and I'm the owner of ME3Tweaks. For years, when people have asked me about donations, I've told them that I don't accept donations on my work. As ME3Tweaks has expanded over the years, the costs of running my services also has increased with it. I turned off ads on my website in 2020 when I started getting donations to help run the site.

I've been conflicted over accepting donations for some time. I do not want to make it appear that I am working for money. I do all of the work for ME3Tweaks in my spare time as a hobby. I never once have expected to be paid, I don't create mods or tools on commission, and I honestly do not like people who try to make mods for money, since the mods are built on top of the work of others. I stand by this stance still. However, I must also accept that running ME3Tweaks and providing services to users for free is not cheap either.

To be more transparent about what it actually costs to run ME3Tweaks, here's what I pay for on my own: - $120/year

Physical hardware - (~$40/year)

Code signing certificate ($180/year)

Various software licenses (~$130/year)

Occassional events and game purchases (varies)

I would like to make clear that donations do not fund future development. These donations are to help pay for the services ME3Tweaks provides to users and some of the tools that I write. I do not work for pay on my mods or my site - it makes me sick to even think about that. Donations would be to only fund the infrastructure and software licensing for ME3Tweaks.

With all that out of the way, if you're still interested in donating, you can do so through Paypal at the link below.

Donation message (write your own in):