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Mod database updated

Posted on 2017-12-26

I have updated the known DLC mod list, which powers the third party mod identification service in Mod Manager. Using new tools I have added more than 40 new mods, check out the information at the known mods page.

Interface Scaling Add-on updated

Posted on 2017-12-06

Interface Scaling Add-on has been updated to fix the promotional text that comes up on the Sur'Kesh level. This is due to me putting the wrong file into the production version of the mod many months ago.

ME3Tweaks Discord server available

Posted on 2017-11-27

ME3Tweaks now has an official discord where you can discuss modding and get support or assistance with ME3Tweaks products and services. For both mod developers and mod users alike.

Mass Effect 3: Redemption Beta is here!

Posted on 2017-11-06

Mass Effect 3: Redemption is an unofficial multiplayer pack that adds 6 new maps to the playlist from around the galaxy. Get down there and engage the enemy!

Mass Effect 3: Rejection is here!

Posted on 2017-09-09

Mass Effect 3: Rejection is an unofficial multiplayer pack that adds a whole new faction: The Rejects. 9 new enemies are on their way to pummel you into the ground!