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Proof of Concept: Co-op Campaign Missions by Mgamerz

Proof of Concept: Co-Op Campaign Missions shows you what could have been if Mass Effect 3 singleplayer was co-op!

This is a proof of concept. It is full of bugs that will not be fixed. You have been warned.

Included are 7 singleplayer missions that can be played cooperatively with up to 4 players. None of the progress made in any of the maps will carry over to actual single player. Please note the following list of limitations:

Priority: Tuchanka

Help secure the route to Shroud Tower as a team. Gameplay works up until the rover comes to pick you up.

Attican Traverse: Krogan Team

Help find the lost krogan scouts on Utukku. Gameplay works up until you have to crawl through the tunnel to the queen.

Tuchanka: Bomb

Stop the ancient bomb from detonating on Tuchanka and sparking a war between the Turians and the Krogan. Gameplay works up until you are teleported to Lt. Victus.

Priority: Horizon

Prevent enemy technology from falling into enemy hands by storming Sanctuary. Gameplay works until the very end of the stage at the elevator.

Lessus: Monastary

Investigate the Ardat Yakshi monestary and purge any resistance. Gameplay works until the courtyard.

Priority: Thessia

Clear the bridge on Thessia as the planet comes under attack. Gameplay works until the transition point from the first coutyard into the second (the floor will not be solid for clients).

Namakli: Leviathan

Ascend the cliffside to assist Ann Bryson. Gameplay works until the elevator to the top of the cliff. The teleport command will be needed significantly on this map due to ladders not working.

Mod Compatibility

This mod works with MP Controller Support as well as Interface Scaling Mod. This mode is not compatible with Mass Effect 3: Redemption. This mod is "technically" compatible with Mass Effect 3: Rejection, but I do not consider it compatible and it will likely crash the game.

This mod requires all 5 of the free official MP DLC content packs. You do not need any of the SP DLC - all required files are included (and are modified to work).


Ensure you install the POC: Moving Spawn Points ASI mod so that spawn points have a chance to move with you along the level. See the installation guide below for a walkthrough of how to install it.

Feel free to make videos of your gameplay!

If you're looking for players, you can join the N7 Squad Discord server. Be sure to read the rules.

Installation Guide

This mod requires a bit more work than the default mods you install. Ensure you watch this guide to install the ASI component.

Uninstall the DLC component to restore vanilla matchmaking by going to Restore > Custom DLC Manager and remove DLC_MOD_MPMapPack2.


Mod Info

This mod only loads in multiplayer so it will not affect singleplayer. However, if you load MP and then go to SP, some files may still be in memory and you will mess up SP, so consider restarting the game first.

Proof of Concept: Co-op Campaign Missions adds the following DLC content to the game:

The mount priority for this mod will likely change on updates to force everyone to use the same DLC version in a lobby.


As is all content on this site, this mod is in no way or form supported or endorsed by BioWare or Electronic Arts.