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SP Native Controller Support by MoonShine/Dybuk/FemShep

Mass Effect 3 Native Controller Support for SinglePlayer

This mod brings the full power wheel from the Xbox version of the game into PC along with native controller support in the interfaces for Xbox 360 (and some Xbox One) controllers. The power wheel for standard keyboard and mouse is changed to the ones for controllers and optimizes a few interfaces for PC. This mod will scale up interfaces to make them appear the same size as they do on Xbox.

Multiplayer does not work while this mod is installed

You will need to uninstall this mod and install the MP version to play MP, they cannot be both installed at the same time.

This mod requires a GUI compatiblity pack to be generated to work with other mods

This mod has extensive changes to GUI files in lots of different files, especially normandy files. As a result, many other mods are not compatible, unless you generate a GUI compatiblity pack through Mod Manager. See the video below on how to do this.

You no longer need to change scaling settings as you did in older versions of the mod as it does it automatically now. It has been tested on 16:9 and 16:10 (unknown what will happen on more square monitors).

Follow this guide to install this mod if you are first time Mod Manager user.

As of 1.080 and above, you can skip the GUI scaling step as it is no longer necessary. As of 1.092 you can skip the Genesis 2 fix step as it is now automatic.


This mod is not included in any version of Mod Manager. It requires Mod Manager 4.2 and up to work. This mod is hosted on to save on bandwidth costs.

Download from Mega.nzDownload from Nexus Mods

For this mod to work you must use a DLC bypass tool or you will get stuck in certain screens. Launch the game from Mod Manager to automatically use LauncherWV. Please read the included mod description in Mod Manager as it will always contain up to date mod information.


  • 1.03: Removed MP menu (broken), can now turn and run at the same time
  • 1.04: Includes fix for Genesis2 DLC (via injection).
  • 1.041: Updated mount.dlc to show errors if DLC is not authorized
  • 1.05x: Fixes for GENESIS2
  • 1.06x: Dialog Wheel & Subtitle scaling
  • 1.07: Heaps of bugfixes for compatibility and non-citadel DLC users, translations for citadel DLC and non-english languges, and more. To use Genesis2 run the .cmd file in the mod folder.
  • 1.07x: Adds the disabling of controller vibration via a variant. Bug fixes from 1.07.
  • 1.080: Dynamic scaling for subtitles and other small bugfixes
  • 1.090: Atlas HUD scaling, bugfixes, gutted some unnnecessary files
  • 1.091: Fixes Leviathan Despoinia counter not being scaled up, properly scales player revival indicator
  • 1.092: Now requires Mod Manager 4.2.3. Raises mount priority to 5500, removes need to install Genesis 2 manually, fixes non 16:9 power wheel
  • 2.0: Can now enter face codes into the character creator. Skip splash screen with any key press or start like the MP version of this mod.
  • 2.01: Removed a debug feature left in by BioWare that could be triggered by pressing Y in the pause menu. The game will no longer accept input and won't softlock.


Making this mod work with other Custom DLC mods

Mod Info

SP Controller Support modifies the following items:

SP Controller Support adds the following DLC content to the game: