ME3Tweaks is for those who want to customize Mass Effect 3

ME3Tweaks is an invaluable resource for modders of Mass Effect 3. ME3Tweaks hosts guides, tools, and mods for both singleplayer and multiplayer.

Don't know where to start? ME3Tweaks ModMaker is an online editor with descriptions of everything you can edit and requires no modding skills. You can download mods with Mod Manager by simply entering a code that downloads your mod, no extra work required.

Want to write your own and do something more advanced? The simple modding guide is the easiest way to jump in with a full walkthrough of making a mod.


New Melee Passives and Dynamic Mixins on Modmaker

Posted on 2016-08-07

You can now edit 5 new melee passives on ModMaker, as well as access scores of new dynamic mixins related to maps and balance change lockouts. Check them out!

Over 50 new dynamic mixins on ModMaker

Posted on 2016-06-19

I have added over 50 new dynamic mixins on ModMaker for you to tune. They all deal with damage levels for enemies, such as brute charge, trooper melee, and other items.

Mod Manager 4.2.5 released, new mixins

Posted on 2016-06-18

Mod Manager 4.2.5 speeds up Mod Manager's AutoTOC and mod installs significantly and fixes a restore bug. Additionally there are new MixIns on ModMaker, for example Medigel Transmitter - Dead Rising.


Posted on 2016-06-02

ModMaker 2.1 brings bugfixes, new editable fields, optimizations and DYNAMIC MIXINS. Now you can generate custom MixIns and patch variables baked into game files! With over 250 new variables to edit, what are you going to mod?

Engineer - Repair Anybody, Geth Prime 2 - Use Pulse Rifle MixIns added to ModMaker

Posted on 2016-05-26

The engineer can now heal anyone (including you!) with the Engineer - Repair Anybody mixin. You can also make the Geth Prime 2 use the Geth Pulse Rifle instead of the Geth Prime rifle with the Geth Prime 2 - Pulse Rifle MixIn.