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Mass Effect 3: Redemption by Mgamerz

Mass Effect 3: Redemption brings you to 17 new battlezones from across the galaxy.

It's time to take the fight to the enemy in these iconic warzones!

Included are 8 maps ported from singleplayer, as well as all 8 Armax Arsenal Arena maps with many MP specific fixes. There's also an additional beta map that was discovered in December 2018 in the multiplayer data files, Firebase Trinity! There are also 4 prototype maps included, if you choose to enable the option at install time.

Looking for players? Join the N7 Squad Discord!

Fall of Vancouver

Escape from Vancouver as the Reapers overtake the region! The final two waves of this mission increase in difficulty over time, will your team make it out alive?

Firebase Sanctuary

Prevent enemy technology from falling into enemy hands by protecting the front gate to Sanctuary! With a very tight map you'll be hunkering down with your buddies!

Firebase Archives

Retake Mars! Climb out of your shuttle and engage the enemy in low gravity in a small corridor outside of the Mars Archives.

Firebase Atrium

Relive those difficulty spike memories from singleplayer in multiplayer! This map features two halves and shield generators that work both in your favor of you and your enemies!

Firebase Invasion

Allow a full scale invasion into Cronos Station by establishing a foothold in the hangar! This map features some experimental features like husks climbing ladders and significant pathfinding reworking. Don't let the fighter hit you on the way out!

Firebase Keelah

Defend the AA towers from falling back into enemy hands! Don't get caught in the center tunnel!

Firebase Shipwreck

A map I've wanted for MP for years, now realized! This ship graveyard is the most complete map of all of them, and has great sightlines for snipers. This is also one of the toughest maps due to the long sightlines, so take cover and watch your back!

Mod Compatibility

This mod works with MP Controller Support as well as Interface Scaling Mod. It also works with Mass Effect 3: Rejection, however when combined with that mod you will lose the ability to join in progress.

This mod requires all 5 of the free official MP DLC content packs. You do not need any of the SP DLC - all required files are included (and are modified to work).


Everyone that wants to play must have the DLC installed.You can only join people on the same EXE version as well as with all the same MP DLC installed. So if you install Redemption and Rejection, all players must have Redemption and Rejection installed. Ensure all users are on the same version of the mods or you will have a bad time. Here's a list of known bugs.

  1. You will more often lose audio/visual effects. Due to the way these maps are loaded, lots of extra data is also loaded, which means more memory pressure for the engine. This is unaffected by the amount of system memory you have and is part of how the engine is optimized.
    Off host, you will see a few oddities of missing things that the host can see. They don't have any gameplay impact:
    • --- Invasion: The overhead red alert light only spins but does not cast actual red light
    • --- Sanctuary: Some shuttles in the distance show up as shuttle guts instead of full shuttles. (This applies to all areas a shuttle should be except the ones I specifically placed)
    • --- Shipwreck: The camera sway effect is not applied off host. So off host players finally get an advantage :)
    • --- All Armax Maps: The timer does not tick up off host
    • --- Armax: Pain Train: The water does not scroll with the train car speed
  2. Quick match does not work if the game you are searching for is one of the new maps. This is due to map list size limitations imposed by the game. You can join official maps in progress however.
  3. Pathfinding on some maps may lead to bigger enemies doing crazy things like popping over cover. The main issue you will find is the Atlas doing things it should not be. On Firebase Refuge, the Atlas going from upstairs to downstairs may pop through the roof, unfortunately I cannot fix this issue without a huge investment of time. These maps weren't designed for large enemies and as such you will get some crazy stuff sometimes. Really, there is little I can do about this. Some areas on maps won't have cover that seem like they should. Cover is an incredibly complex system that is not yet fully understood so creating new cover is not really possible at this time.


This mod is not included in any version of Mod Manager. It requires Mod Manager 5.0 or higher to work.

If you encounter bugs, please notify me through the ME3Tweaks Discord. Feel free to make videos of your gameplay!

Download from Mega (4.1) Download from Nexus Mods (4.1)

For this mod to work you must have a DLC bypass tool installed. Mod Manager will install one when you install the mod if you don't already have one.


  • 1.0 - Initial release (beta)
  • 1.01 - Escort Drone fixes from falling through floor (hopefully). Archives & Invasion pathfinding fixes.
  • 1.03 - Major pathfinding updates for Keelah and Atrium. Ammo fixed on Keelah, grenades on Sanctuary. Minor pathfinding updates on other maps.
  • 1.04 - Adds 2 new maps from Armax Arsenal Arena. Fixes some pathfinding network chains on other maps.
  • 1.041 - Adds non-english translations.
  • 1.05 - Black textures are fixed on Prime Evil, Fatal Error.
  • 1.06 - Compacted AFC, reducing mod size by 40MB
  • 2.0 - Added Firebase Refuge
  • 3.01 - Added remaining Armax Maps, Firebase Trinity. Added 4 prototype maps as well, and fixed some pathing on Firebase Atrium
  • 3.02 - Lowers cooldown on ammo containers on all Armax maps to 5 seconds
  • 3.1 - Bug fixes and compatibility updates with other MP mods
  • 3.11 - Bug fixes for Atrium, Wingman, and Trinity. Spawning improvements for Shipwreck and Keelah
  • 4.1 - Adds Fall of Vancouver, fixes drone to despawn properly if falling out of map. Improved drone a bit on Keelah

Armax Maps

Prototype Maps

Firebase Trinity

Installation Guide

This video is for Rejection, but the process is the exact same except substitute Redemption in for Rejection.

Initial release trailer (N7 day 2017)

Firebase Refuge update trailer (N7 day 2018)

The Armax Update trailer (December 14 2018)

Fall of Vancouver Release trailer (July 8, 2020)

Mod Info

This mod only loads in multiplayer so it will not affect singleplayer. However, if you load MP and then go to SP, some files may still be in memory and you will mess up SP, so consider restarting the game first.

Mass Effect 3: Redemption adds the following DLC content to the game:

The mount priority for this mod will likely change on updates to force everyone to use the same DLC version in a lobby.


The following people helped develop this mod.

Massive technical assistance

Testing and QA



As is all content on this site, this mod is in no way or form supported or endorsed by BioWare or Electronic Arts.