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Interface Scaling Add-On by Mgamerz

This mod scales up platform-agnostic HUD elements, such as the progress bars, timers, and counters. This mod will make the some parts of the game much easier to use on high resolution displays (such as 4K) and on displays at a distance (like a TV). It scales up interfaces to the size they were on consoles, which is natively set to 720p. A few adjustments are made to make them more PC friendly.

This mod is singleplayer only

Scaling up multiplayer is done using the MP Controller Support mod or using the Interface Scaling Mod. This mod only scales up additional interfaces in singleplayer.

Compatibility with other UI scaling mods

This mod is designed to be used with either the Singleplayer Native Controller Support mod or the Interface Scaling Mod. It does nothing for multiplayer.

See the difference! These are images of the game at 3200x1800.

Stock ME3 (Click here for full size):

This mod (+Interface Scaling Mod) (Click here for full size)


This mod is not included in any version of Mod Manager. It requires Mod Manager 4.1 or above to install and 4.2.1 or higher to receive updates.

Download from ME3Tweaks

Download Mirrors

Download from - Download from NexusMods

Version History

  • 1.091: First public release
  • 2.2: Now supports ITA and JPN game languages. Removes a few unncessary files.
  • 2.21: Fixes the "Interface Scaling Add-on" text that shows up on progress bars on Sur'Kesh. Was used to create promo image, was not meant to go into production.

Mod Installation

Drag and drop this mod’s download onto Mod Manager to import it into Mod Manager. Install the same way as any other Mod Manager mod. Uninstall this mod by removing the DLC_CON_UIScaling_Shared Custom DLC using the Custom DLC Manager in the Restore menu.

Use of this mod with ALOT Texture Pack

The ALOT texture mod pack is a common addition to this mod. ALOT should be installed after all other mods are installed as it will update installed mods with new textures. Installing updates to mods (both mod manager and non-mod manager) will require you to reinstall ALOT. You may consider ignoring updates unless you find a game-breaking one in a mod as ALOT takes signifiant time to reinstall.

Mod Support

This mod is connected to the ME3Tweaks mod updater service. Mod Manager will notify you of updates to this mod and prompt you to download and update the mod as new updates are released. Install the mod afterwards to use the new update.

You can get support for this mod in this mod's forum thread.

Known Issues

This mod has only been tested on 16:9 and limited 16:10. On anything besides 16:9 progress bars will not scale up. On 16:10 some elements may not fully be on the screen, but were left scaled because they were mostly usable. It may not look proper on other aspect ratios.

Mod Info

Mod info is located on the forum thread.