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Mass Effect 3: Rejection by Mgamerz

Mass Effect 3: Rejection brings a new faction of rejected enemies to Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer!

Watch out for the CAT6 Specialist's drones - they'll take out your shields! But don't let the CAT6 Forerunner pick you off while you dodge. Adjutants and Rampart Mechs will push you out of cover, and the CAT6 Atlas uses bunker busting MIRV rockets! And just when you thought you were doing well, the CAT6 Executioner will show up to stop the party!

Face off with 9 new enemies

Mod Compatibility

This mod works with MP Controller Support as well as Interface Scaling Mod. It may work with other ModMaker tweaks, but I haven't tested, nor will I be supporting them (it's already unstable, we don't need to add more). By installing this mod, you will override the following features from ModMaker:

This mod requires all 5 of the free MP DLC content packs. You do not need any of the SP DLC - all required files are included (and were modified to work).


This DLC introduces many bugs to the game, and you need to be aware of them in order to be able to play this with your friends. Due to the complexity of the game engine, many of these are simply not fixable.

Everyone that wants to play must have the DLC installed. You can only join people on the same EXE version as well as with all the same MP DLC installed. Ensure all users are on the same version of you will have a bad time. Here's a list of known bugs.

  1. After completion of each match, everyone needs to restart the game - not just the lobby, but fully restart the game. About 75% of the time the next match will either not have everyone load in or will simply crash their game.
  2. You cannot join games in progress. You will simply get a "Connection to the game has been lost" message.
  3. Platinum is not available - it simply has too many game breaking bugs to be fun. I have made gold more difficult as a result.
  4. You will more often lose audio/visual effects. Due to the way these enemies are loaded, lots of extra data is also loaded, which means more memory pressure for the engine. This is unaffected by the amount of system memory you have and is part of how the engine is optimized.
  5. The Geth Assassin sometimes stands around. This is due to the engine running low on memory and his AI is not being activated.
  6. Off host, you will see less particle effects. Known ones include:
    • --- Adjutant singularity. You will take damage for up to 1.5s after the blast impact. On host, you will see the effect for 6 seconds, but only 1.5s of that time can damage you.
    • --- Rampart Mech's will not show all of their VFX when aggressive until they attempt the first stab.
    • --- CAT6 Atlas MIRV bomb doesn't show up off host a lot of the time. The grenade split will, but the rocket projectile won't. It seems sometimes you also won't see the grenades either. I'm trying to find a solution. This is one of my top priority fixes.
    • --- Rampart Mech's burning bodies don't do off-host screenshake or crust effects on the player. You will still take damage, so watch your step.
    • --- The CAT6 Sniper and CAT6 Forerunner don't cloak offhost. The Forerunner is due to it being in AI code (which the client does not run) and the Sniper is, well, I'm not sure.
  7. The game in general can crash a lot more, especially as soon as a wave ends and it starts loading the next one. Due to the inability to join in progress, host migration will never work. I have no way to debug this.


This mod is not included in any version of Mod Manager. It requires Mod Manager 4.2 and up to work. This mod is hosted on and NexusMods to save on bandwidth costs.

Download from (1.05) Download from Nexus Mods (1.05)

For this mod to work you must have a DLC bypass tool installed. Mod Manager will install one you install the mod if you don't already have one.


  • 1.0 - Initial release
  • 1.01 - Changed gold wave 3. Buffed multiple enemies
  • 1.02 - Nerfed Specialist Tempest. Added instant kill move to CAT6 Executioner. Added ability for CAT6 Sniper to shoot through short cover (requires Enemies Weapons Can Penetrate Mixin)
  • 1.04 - Added russian translation
  • 1.05 - Compacted AFC, reducing mod size by an incredible 900MB

If you're looking for players, you can join the Mass Effect MP Master Race Discord I help maintain. Be sure to read the rules.


Installation Guide

Mod Info

This mod only loads in multiplayer so it will not affect singleplayer. However, if you load MP and then go to SP, some files may still be in memory and you will mess up SP, so consider restarting the game first.

Mass Effect 3: Rejection adds the following DLC content to the game:

The mount priority for this mod will likely change on updates to force everyone to use the same DLC version in a lobby.


The following people helped develop this mod.

Technical Assistance

Testing and QA



As is all content on this site, this mod is in no way or form supported or endorsed by BioWare or Electronic Arts.