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Zombie Mod by Mgamerz

Run, zombies! Or are those just possessed abominations?

Zombie mod brings lots of enemies to the field at once, and makes getting around in maps difficult, forcing you to hack and slash your way through. Teamwork on certain objectives is crucial.

Most waves contain a slight mix of enemies and might not even contain husks or abominations; due to game limitations some waves simply won't have them. Plus having the same enemy over and over gets repetitive and can be really easy, and we certainly can't have that!

Powers are buffed to compensate for the amount of enemies, with most having more impacts. Various other tweaks are applied to make a varied experience, and Reapers (7th wavelist) uses a same-enemy-per-wave style to change it up.

This mod is optimized for Gold. Platinum has been very weakly tested and Bronze/Silver are not available.

Downloading Zombie Mod

This mod was included with Mod Manager 2 and early builds of Mod Manager 3 (Zombie Mod Classic). The version on this page is the ModMaker version, which does not have the bugs the old version had.

Open Mod Manager and select Tools > Enter ME3Tweaks ModMaker code.

Enter the following code: 99

The mod will now compile and be ready for use in about a minute.


Mod Info

See full mod info on the mod synopsis page on ModMaker