Gibbed DLC Coalesced Compiler/Decompiler

This tool allows you to decompile and recompiled DLC Coalesced's in Mass Effect 3. The original one Gibbed provided does not.

This tool was built from a patch that Gibbed made but never released. All the code was written by Gibbed but FemShep merged and compiled the final product and it is hosted on this site (Gibbed didn't seem too interested in doing so).

This tool contains issues with the new DLC syntax. Type 3 (additions) and Type 4 (subtractions) are not implemented, which leads to problems. The store will be messed up and you will get duplicate map entries in the multiplayer list. Without additional edits you will be not be able to access the new Firebase White or Glacier (bigger map, blocked room respectively).

TankMaster's compiler does not have these issues.


Built March 14, 2013 from b114 (R89)