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Drivable Atlas by Mgamerz

Drivable Atlas in MP! Blast all the phantoms and engineers!

Drivable Atlas mod makes the pilots appear in Atlases and the glass breakable so you can get into them. The Atlas must be on level ground for you to get into it.

Clients who climb into the Atlas will have game crippling bugs as the SP Atlas actions are not synced to clients, leading them to typically warp to miles away. Use this only in private matches with people who understand what's going on.

If you blast open the Atlas as an assassination target you will have to get into the atlas and have it die to complete the kill. Additionally if you open two atlases the wave can't end as the Atlas object is still considered the enemy. Open the console and type in skipwave to end the current wave.

Downloading Drivable Atlas MP

This mod was included was Mod Manager 2 - 4.1 betas. This version is the ModMaker version which is functionally the same as the old one.

Open Mod Manager and select Tools > Enter ME3Tweaks ModMaker code.

Enter the following code: 1658

The mod will now compile and be ready for use in about a minute.


Mod Info

See full mod info on the mod synopsis page on ModMaker

Known Issues