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Grenade Defense Classic by Mgamerz

Grenade Defense is absolute mayhem. Enemies are stronger and in greater numbers, and have tons of grenades. But you have an ammo fountain that lets you have infinite grenades. Throw them for your life.

You will need an N7 Demolisher Engineer with Supply Turret to create the ammo fountain. The person who places the turret must have the mod installed as well as the host or it will not work as a fountain.

Grenade Defense is a combination of Ammo Fountain, Swarmer Hell, and some elements of Zombie Mod. It is optimized for Gold difficulty. It is best played on Firebase Glacier, as the camping room makes you repel the approaching enemies back.

Grenade Defense changes some enemies:

Additionally gravity is lowered to -150 from -981 so that the ammo fountain spreads out ammo.

Even with the limits on the number of players, this mod is still difficult and very fun with a party of 4.


This mod is included in Mod Manager 3, and can be downloaded separately for Mod Manager 2.


Grenade Defense modifies the following items:

Known Issues