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No Shotgun Firing Delay by Mgamerz

This simple mod removes the firing delay all shotguns have. The default delay is .1 seconds, which is only really perceivable by the Crusader Shotgun's pinpoint accuracy. This mod removes that delay.

This mod should only be used on its own. If you are using other mods (such as ModMaker ones) or the controller support mods, you should add the MixIn version of this mod (under the Mod Management menu) to that mod instead, or you'll overwrite other changes to the SFXGame file.


This mod can be compiled by ModMaker, or can be downloaded standalone.

You can download this with the ModMaker compiler in Mod Manager by going to Mod Management > Download ME3Tweaks ModMaker Mod and entering the code 2905. You can see the ModMaker page here.


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Mod Info

Screenshot Mod modifies the following:

Known Issues

The host must have this mod installed to have any effect. Clients without the mod installed on a modified host game will be unaffected.