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Individual Power Cooldowns by Shad0wlife/Mgamerz

Individual cooldowns! Make Shepard OP again!

This mod makes cooldowns use independent timers rather than the global shared cooldown, fairly similar to Mass Effect 1's cooldown system. This will allow you to use multiple powers in succession. It comes with a couple of caveats however as this is more of a side effect rather than an actual feature:

This mod works for singleplayer and on-host in MP as well as off host if the host has the mod installed. If the host doesn't have the mod insatlled, you will still cast powers, but the host will not accept the action serverside and your powers will have no effect while your normal shared cooldown is used.


This mod is not included in any version of Mod Manager. This mod requires Mod Manager 4.2 and up to install. To import into Mod Manager, drag and drop the .7z file onto Mod Manager's main window. You can add the features of this mod to any mod using the Powers - No Shared Cooldown mixin from the MixIn Library, under Mod Management.

This research for this mod was done by Shad0wlife, while the mod packaging and testing was done by FemShep.


Mod Info

Individual Cooldowns modifies the following items:

Known Issues