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The Ancient Mod Pack by Mgamerz

Do you like old things? Are you fascinated by the Windows 95 kernel? Do you wish you go back to the past to play mods that suck... well you know?

The Ancient Mod Pack is for you! It includes 16 old mods that kinda-sorta still work. Most of these were made while the game was still supported and and modding it was new. Due to this, some things (especially wavelists) don't work properly.

All of them were built with Gibbed's Coalesced Compiler which will cause varying degrees of issues across the UI and game, all of them are temporary while an ancient mod is installed.

Due to the age of these mods (and that they used gibbed's compiler) they are not supported. There are bugs and they won't be fixed.

Included Mods


Some of these mods were included in ancient versions of Mod Manager. They are no longer supported, and will not update through Mod Manager.

Download from ME3Tweaks

To import into Mod Manager, drag and drop the .7z file onto Mod Manager's main window or import it through the Mod Management menu.


You can discuss mods in this mod pack in The Ancient Mod Pack thread on ME3Tweaks forums.