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Full Experience Mod by Mgamerz

Chakram Launcher! Polonium Rounds! Testing maps! Everything BioWare didn't give you can now be yours. This mod reenables multiple items in multiplayer that BioWare never released but included in the game files.

Many items are added back into the game:

Downloading Full Experience Mod

This mod was included was Mod Manager 2 and early builds of Mod Manager 3. This version is the ModMaker version which does not have the bugs the old version had and contains new content that the old one never had.

Open Mod Manager and select Tools > Enter ME3Tweaks ModMaker code.

Enter the following code: 1660

The mod will now compile and be ready for use in about a minute.


This footage is from the old version of Full Experience Mod.

*Due to the test maps being unfinished, lighting was not fully implemented, so characters appear black.

Mod Info

See full mod info on the mod synopsis page on ModMaker

Known Issues