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Expanded Galaxy Mod by Kinkojiro

The Expanded Galaxy Mod is designed to improve and expand on Mass Effect 3, to give players the ability to create a more custom experience and improve the immersive atmosphere of being small but vital part of a huge war.

Some of the hundreds of modifications, restorations and additions:

Additional Weapons and Armor

4 new guns, 21 new sets of armor including the N7 kits from Multiplayer.

Install cybernetics with powerful bonuses that give new tactical possibilities in firefights.

A Custom Normandy

Pick your senior crew members, recruit additional medics, engineers, marines and others, all with unique bonuses from a brand new GUI command console.

Upgrade the Normandy's engines, scanners and other improvements, all having real-time impact on gameplay.

Customize the look and feel of the ship with different weapon systems, 8 new vehicles to carry and... a SHOOTING RANGE on the cargo deck.

Improved Galaxy Map

An open map covering the entire galaxy from the series. Decide where to go, what to discover.

Experience new video and audio content whilst travelling.

See the war unfold across the map and find new assets on the war front.

New Missions and Assignments

New N7 missions (currently under construction), and 17 new assignments. Make paragon or renegade choices, decide whether to risk your forces for possible gains in the war and find unique traders with special stores.

War Atmospherics

Puts the Normandy in context as part of a bigger conflict

Major decisions about who to side with have bigger long term consequences.

Revised War Assets System which sees your troops gain and lose power as the war unfolds.

Notifications and AIS reports about battles, losses and gains.

Customise mod settings

Preset when DLC and major missions unlock so no emails/journals sitting there Choose your relay video.

Full information about this mod can be found on the NexusMods page!


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Mod Info

Expanded Galaxy Mod modfies the following game files:

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