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MP Native Controller Support by Mgamerz

FemShep has worked to bring the controller support from the Moonshine Controller mod to MP. It has been tested to work with Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers, and reports of PS3 controllers using certain programs to map PS3 to Xbox input schemes.

This mod brings the Xbox interface and controls to the PC's multiplayer. It does not work in singleplayer, and the mods are currently not compatible for merging.


This mod is not included in any version of Mod Manager. It requires Mod Manager 4.2.1 and up to work. To add it to Mod Manager, drag the .7z file onto the main window of Mod Manager and import the mod. It will keep itself up to date as long as you have mod updated turned on.

Non-Scaling Version (UI is the same size as standard PC game)

Download Non-Scaling v1.0 from ME3Tweaks (7z file) Download Non-Scaling v1.0 from (7z file)

Scaling Version (UI is the same size as would be on Xbox. Better for TV/Monitors over 1080p)

Download Scaling v1.0 from ME3Tweaks (7z file) Download Scaling v1.0 from (7z file)


  • v0.3: Removed MP menu (broken), can now turn and run at the same time
  • v0.4: Added xbox textures to UI. Now requires TESTPATCH coalesced. ModMaker mods will now publish TESTPATCH items into MP5 instead.
  • v0.5/0.51/0.52: Interfaces now work off host
  • v0.53: Added delta Enable Options, which disables sticks in GUI (essentially acts off host) but makes options able to be saved
  • v0.60: Removed Patch1 module, now only uses TESTPATCH and RECKONING. Controls work as soon as you start the game, title screen is skipped, cover turn has been fixed.
  • v0.70: Weapon Bench now uses the XBOX UI
  • -----Changelogs below apply to both NonScaled and Scaled versions of the mod------
  • v0.80: Press RT to ready translantions for all languages, hides PC Quick Slot buttons (they didn't work anyways), allow saving of some options in game (use ME3 Config tool to edit graphics settings), other bugfixes.
  • v0.81 (Scaling only): Scaling bugfix for 16:10
  • v0.82: Fixed melee and aiming hint text, added variant to disable vibration and motion blur, added stick config and trigger config to in-game options.
  • v1.0: Fixes softlock that would occur if you pressed Y in the pause menu. It attempted to load a debug mode that bioware used to debug the game which was removed in the shipping version.
  • v1.01 (Scaling only): Fixes incorrect placement of +Points kill text on screens not at 720p.
  • v1.1 Vibration settings are now in game. Removes vibration variants and motion blur variants. Motion blur is now permanently off (rather than on).


Mod Info

MP Controller Support modifies the following items:

Known Issues