Mass Effect 2 Randomizer

Randomizer for Mass Effect 2 on PC

Version 0.9.22

May 10, 2021

119 MB

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Frequently Asked Questions
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Randomize FaceFX, appearances, combat, levels and more.

This program only works with official INT/English copies of the game. Unofficial copies and non-english versions will not work and will not be supported.


A new way to play

Want varied gameplay? Choose randomizers like enemy powers and weapons. Want a good laugh? Pick FaceFX and character creator options. Pick as much or as little to randomize as you want.


Randomizers are color coded by how safe they are to use and how much they were tested, which should hopefully allow you to pick options that are right for your stream. Randomizers do not include any vulgar references.

Quick re-rolls

Don't like the randomization you got? ME2R uses a new system that allows you to re-randomize quickly without the need for a full game repair as long as you have a game backup.


Below is just a sample of some of the randomizers included in Mass Effect 2 Randomizer (ME2R).

Enemy weapons and powers

Randomize enemy powers and weapons, creating a completely changing the combat feel on every level. Enemies that don't have powers have a chance to now be able to use them, making for a much more varied gameplay experience!

Class powers

Randomize all powers each character class has, including what each power can evolve into. Perhaps you fancy a cloaking vanguard, or a tech armor soldier?

NPC names

Streaming to an audience? Put some of your favorite chat members in the game with NPC name randomizer. Who knows what will happen to them?


Create some truly hilarious nightmare fuel with the FaceFX randomizer, the facial animation system that is used to create lip sync and head movement during spoken dialogue. Includes four presets!

Character Creator

Randomize the character presets as well as optionally changing the colors. ME2R uses a more advanced randomization algorithm than MER, for even crazier creations!

Cutscenes & Conversations

The cutscene randomizer has been improved in ME2R, forcing more cutscenes to be randomized. Is Shepard actually the hero in your story when he gets shot and killed over and over again? Now works with conversations!

Gameplay tweaks

Randomization not your fancy? ME2R includes several non-randomizer features such as removing the running screenshake, removing mini games, one-hit kill mode and more.

Squadmate heads

Finally, you can put the best of your two favorite squadmates together. Or maybe your two least favorite squadmates? Or maybe even the Illusive Man will join your squad?

System Requirements

Required hardware/software

  • At least 20GB of free disk space for randomization DLC component on the same drive as the game
  • Mass Effect 2 1.02 or 1.03 INT version

Supported OS

  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

ME3Tweaks recommends a minimum of 8GB of RAM (with 4GB free to use) to run the randomizer as many files will be loaded into memory.