Mass Effect 3 Mod Manager

Mass Effect 3 modding made easy.

Mod Manager 4.5.4 MR1

May 14, 2017 - By FemShep

Includes 3 mods with thousands more available on ModMaker and around the web.

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Some antivirus programs may flag this download as suspicious because it contains newly built files that don't have a well known reputation yet.


Backup and Restore

Backup and restore your game files to quickly change between mods. Restore MP, SP, or everything in 2 clicks.

ME3Tweaks ModMaker

Want to mod your game but don't want to dedicate huge amounts of time? ModMaker was designed for you. Design mods in a web point and click interface.

Direct Mod Updates

No going to sites to download and extract new mods. Mod Manager will check for updates and directly update mods for you.

Additional Features

MixIns for any mod

Want to spice up a mod? Add MixIns to change things up like making all enemies hackable.

Mount.dlc Editor

Put that hex editor away, because the Mount.dlc editor will do it all for you. Enter your new values and your mount file is ready to go.

Selective Restore and Custom DLC Manager

Restore only the DLCs you want and delete the Custom DLCs that are installed without having to guess what the codenames are.

Direct Mod Manager updates

Mod Manager updates itself directly from ME3Tweaks; you don't need to hunt down and extract every new version as they come out.

Restore to a modded state

The basegame and unpacked DLC game repair database keeps a snapshot of your current gamestate, and when restoring files will restore to the snapshotted state.

Keybinds Injector

Use custom keybinds but like mods? Inject a custom BioInput.xml file into mods so your keybinds move with you. You can also quickly fix the talon keybindings.

Developed for mod users and developers alike

For Mod Users

  • One click mod installs
  • Automatic Mod Updates
  • Non-Invasive Game-Wide AutoTOC
  • MixIns
  • Custom DLC Management
  • ASI Mod Management
  • Repair corrupt mods from the cloud
  • Generate GUI compatiblity packs for conflicting mods
  • Installation support through the ME3Tweaks Forums

For Mod Developers

  • Quick Mount Editor tools
  • Batch operations for xml/pcc/bin/tlk/dlc files
  • Tankmaster TLK and Coalesce built-in
  • Separate installed-mod and mod-workspaces with one click install
  • Update deployment via ME3Tweaks
  • Automatic DLC bypass installations for end-users
  • Quick Custom DLC Starter Kit Generator
  • Game diagnostic logs in 3 clicks from end users
  • Additional Mod Manager features by request

System Requirements

Required Software

  • Mass Effect 3 1.05 or 1.06
  • Java 8 (32-bit)
  • Microsoft .NET 4.5 or higher

Supported OS

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

Additional Requirements

  • 20+ GB for all DLC SFAR backups. Additional space required for mods, basegame backups, and mixins as needed.
  • Administrator privledges if Mass Effect 3 is installed in a write-protected directory