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Mass Effect 3 is the third main installment in the Mass Effect series. It runs on Unreal Engine 3 like the previous two installments, and features a multiplayer co-op mode. It uses a lot of very similar files to Mass Effect 2, with a big difference being DLC is packed into an SFAR file rather than being a loose set of files.

File types

  • PCC
    • PCC files are the main files for Mass Effect 3, containing scripts, textures, and most gameplay data. They can be compressed or uncompressed and are modified versions of Unreal Engine's UPK file format.
  • Coalesced
    • Coalesced files are configuration files that can override some of the default values in PCC files. The live balance changes are also a coalesced file.
  • TFC (Texture Cache)
    • TFC files are texture cache files. They contain a huge set of image data that is shared among different PCCs to improve game efficiency.
  • PCConsoleTOC
    • PCConsoleTOC files are a table of contents for the file sizes of other game files. The game reads this file, and allocates the specified amount of memory. This file is a common issue with mods.
  • SFAR DLC Archive
    • SFAR files are DLC archives, which is essentially a compressed set of the above file types.

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