Mass Effect Randomizer

Randomizer for the original Mass Effect game on PC

Version 1.0.4

May 10, 2021

54 MB

Please report issues to the ME3Tweaks Discord.

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Randomize the galaxy map, appearances, music, the Mako and more.

This program only works with official INT/English copies of the game. Unofficial copies and non-english versions will not work and will not be supported.


A new way to play

Enemies may only be defeatable using melee. The entire galaxy map may be rewritten with new stories and artwork. The Mako might have super jets and go really fast. Who knows? You pick what you want to randomize.


Randomizers not in the Wackadoodle section of the randomizer are designed to (hopefully) not break the game, and do not include any vulgar references, making it safe for streaming. Except maybe for some of the nightmare fuel.

Compatible with ALOT and MEUITM

Mass Effect Randomizer is built to work with ALOT and MEUITM, as long as the randomization pass is run before installation of either of those mods.


Below is just a sample of some of the randomizers included in Mass Effect Randomizer (MER).

Galaxy Map

MER can entirely rewrite the galaxy map with new stories for every single location on the map. Every single location also gets a unique image, something the original game never offered. Featuring art from over 100 artists, it's like a whole new galaxy!


Create some truly hilarious nightmare fuel with the FaceFX randomizer, the facial animation system that is used to create lip sync and head movement during spoken dialogue. Includes four presets!

Character Creator

Randomize the preset faces and randomize the color values for skin, eyes, and more to create the monster you always wanted to play as. The council may be right in their hesitation to grant you the Spectre rank.


Some cutscenes may have their actors changed around. You are now pilot Shepard, Dr. Michel is now a thug, and the hero of the story is now Commander Pressly. Is Shepard possibly hallucinating?

Splash screen

Create a new, beautiful random planet that you'll see every time you boot the game. It even pans around!


Randomize various experimental and potentially game breaking features, such as interpolations, vowels, pawn sizes and more in the Wackadoodle section of the randomizer.

System Requirements

Required Software

  • Mass Effect 1.02 INT version
  • Microsoft .NET 4.7.2 or higher

Supported OS

  • Windows 7 (until December 2019)
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

ME3Tweaks recommends a minimum of 8GB of RAM to run the randomizer as many files will be loaded into memory.