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Postby nighplas » Thu Jul 26, 2018 12:27 am

Given we have the ability to create mods that load as DLC for single player, is there any chance of a comprehensive mod that adjusts weapon statistics and applies small patches in a unofficial DLC format that a large portion of the community can then download.

Many things like RoF or magazine size changes that can cause desyncing if modified can be then be adjusted while allowing for many of the under performing weapons to retuned as a whole. What changes and to what weapons would obviously be a troll-fest to work through, but there are weapons most people agree bioware over-nerfed or in general perform poorly.

The DLC aspect should limit who can join your lobbies and which lobbies you can join meaning it can serve as a community standard if treated as a featured mod. Could this also be applied to create pseudo regions to help prevent cross oceanic connections?

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