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Mass Effect 3 Private Server Emulator is a replacement for the Origin/Blaze backend that handles the online component of Mass Effect 3.

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New Releases - Announcements

Post by Erik JS » Fri Jan 15, 2016 5:53 pm

All new releases will be announced in this locked topic. Basically, if you notice a change in date of last post from this topic, then a new version was released. Simple. :)

My posts will follow the same format of what I did in the old ME3Explorer News section. Those topics should be here now: ... s-f40.html
EDIT: Sep 28 2016 - this link doesn't work for guests. I'm working on an alternate solution.

Full changelog: ... it_browser

@ SourceForge
@ GitHub
@ Dropbox

Note about GitHub: due to the way things are set up there, I decided that it'll contain the most up-to-date version of the code - all "small" commits will be done there. SourceForge will only have "big" commits (when a new PSE release is done).

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Erik JS
Posts: 110
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Version 1.2.6565.26213

Post by Erik JS » Fri Dec 22, 2017 11:18 pm

Up now on SVN, Git: r21
@ SourceForge
@ GitHub

MITM menu changed, MITM command line
This is more of a personal touch than anything...
Old menu: Server -> MITM mode
New menu: Server -> MITM -> Activate/Deactivate (Ctrl+M)
"Import player settings" and "Record player settings" are properly placed there.
MITM can be enabled from command line with "-mitm".

Client is now able to reconnect to PSE after losing previous connection
I tracked down this issue by dumping what the game sends to the Redirector Handler from a MITM session, and now PSE will properly send the redirector packet with the same ID of the request made by the game.

Exception message tweaking
Basically, two things:
1) PSE will show inner exception when it exists (as seen in the "call to SSPI" thing from the Windows 10 issue with cipher suites).
2) In case of SocketException, additional error codes will be shown (so user will be able to google them).

All TLK languages are now supported by PSE
When the game asks for the Live TLK, it uses a two-letter language code, which was ignored by previous versions of PSE.
New TLK files are included in the 'conf' folder. PSE will use them according to the language code sent by the game.

BioWare banner is now supported by HTTP Handler
File added to 'http'. BioWare banner can also be selected through PDE.

New menu: Server->Restart
No comments. Should be self-explanatory.

PSE and PDE projects switched to .NET Framework 4.5
Windows XP and Vista are no longer supported.
And for those who don't know what "not supported" means:
1) Whatever I do now will disregard Windows XP and Vista. XP and Vista tweaks/fixes won't be done by me.
2) If you have a problem with PSE and you are using XP or Vista, you are on your own.

binkw32.dll no longer requires VC redistributable runtimes
The included binkw32.dll is the same version currently available at my own binkw32 repository as of the date of this release.

Fixed Player Data Editor issues with reading player files under some system's cultures
PDE and PSE now use "en-US" as base culture info - this was needed so PDE can correctly read/write decimal numbers from/to player files.

Other minor stuff added
- Logger: in test versions, I used some custom code to make yellow, white and cyan text appear with black background. That code is now officially part of PSE.
- Title in main window has changed.
- Blaze.PacketToText function (another piece of "not official" code which became official now). This function is supposed to help with packet comparisons.
- Other stuff I forgot. :P

Closing words
Firstly, thanks to all PSE users everywhere.
Secondly, I apologize for the long delay. I won't promise that the next release will be in less than two years, but I promise that there will be a new release.

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