A Wave Changer (Feedback)

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Re: A Wave Changer (Feedback)

Post by Togaryuman » Sun Mar 06, 2016 7:02 pm

Don't worry about that I have two different teams on it as well so now, you shouldn't have to worry about that if you are having those issues I prefer you focus on those first. The teams I have are giving me the information I need and I am always greatful for any and all assistance in this matter. Still I thank you for the willingness.

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Re: A Wave Changer (Feedback)

Post by Togaryuman » Sun Mar 06, 2016 7:52 pm

We have been on a roll this weekend with a new update in the second form of the Big Power Update!

[align=center]A Wave Changer V 1-0-9 (Big Power Update IV)[/align]
[align=center]Change logs[/align]
Tech Powers:
Arc Grenade:
N7 Engineers Arc grenade radius increased by 200
Grenade capacity increased in increments of 1 each upgrade
Nightshade blades:
Explosion radius increased by 100
Cain Trip Mines:
Max mines increased by 3
Radius increased by 100
Combat Drone:
Rocket cooldown increased by 4
Rocket damage increased by 200
Shields increased to 2000
Drone spawn cooldown increased by 5
Detonation damage increased by 100
Electrical Hammer:
Radius increased by 150
Charges increased by 1 per interval
Geth Turret:
Laser damage increased by 200
Restores shields faster
Havoc Strike:
Range Doubled
Radius increased by 100
Damage reduction increased by 2
Havoc Missile Launcher:
Refire time tweaked and increased
Missile speed increased by 300
Extra missiles on Hydra missiles is now increased by 2
Firing cone increased
Siege Pulse:
Number of charges increased by 1 per increment
Fire time delay decreased
Sentry Turret:
Shields increased by 1000
Shield Boost:
Radius doubled

Now we have touched on every single power already but these last two updates have been dedicated to reforming some of the powers to where we had wanted them in the first place, this is the last major update on all the powers as we have changed all of them to where we think it fits with the aggressive play style in this mod.

Next up will be the Platinum Update and the Multiverse Update as we split the mod into 4 separate parts to work on weapons and changes for a non-client safe version and high and low end version for those with lower PC's but still want to have fun.

The Platinum Update will be released first and then the Weapon Update after that.

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Re: A Wave Changer (Feedback)

Post by Mgamerz » Tue Mar 08, 2016 5:52 am

So I just played 3 games of 1-0-9 on gold.

1. Geth
Geth are still too stagger strong. My teammates died and I was fighting an army of drones on wave 3. If I got staggered it was certain death still. They shoot less but there's still too many. We didn't make it past wave 4.

2. Cerberus
Cerberus is OK for the most part. I would say centurions and assault troopers shoot too fast since the game is faster. Nemesis seems pretty OP since the fast game with the fast shots seems to mean certain death for my clients since the lag means they didn't have a chance to react. We almost beat them on ghost and there was like a map of turrets, and some guys got stuck behind them in the spawns.

3. Reaper
We played this on glacier... the amount of enemies meant it was really crowded. I had a krolord with electrical hammer, and while it was OK against mooks, it was practically worthless against bosses (took like 6 hits to drop banshee shields with the effect). It wasn't too bad, the map made it kinda hard since we could not hold a position.

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Re: A Wave Changer (Feedback)

Post by Togaryuman » Tue Mar 08, 2016 7:23 am

All right I have taken in this and my second teams information and we have some more work to do, so far we are getting mixed results on Geth right now so we are trying to find more ways than one to nerf thee bastards. For Cerberus I have now many issues going on to gold with the fire rates meaning nerfs incoming round 2 and also the Nemisis will be nerfed as well as too many people are just having a hard time with her. For the hole Electrical hammer thing I may have to look into that as it has not had a major nerf in damage and the banshee is nerfed already in shields so I am going to see what needs to happen there, all this information is great as now we can sit down crunch some numbers and see what can come out of more Geth nerfs and a nemesis nerf too,

Thank you very much for the continued support and testing this is really good stuff here!

Also if you could give at least 5 guns you think need to be buffed in the games META that would be great as the team and the two testing teams are arguing on what to buff so I put it to a vote based on highest voted weapons (except Cerberus harrier for obvious reasons)

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Re: A Wave Changer (Feedback)

Post by Togaryuman » Tue Mar 08, 2016 7:40 am

We have released an immediate hot fix and balance change right now and are hoping to get a bigger hot fix out the dorr tomorrow or the next day!

[align=center]A Wave Changer V 1-0-9-1 (Hot Fix I)[/align]
Change logs
Geth Prime Drones Health reduced by 200
Cerberus Centurions Burst fire cooldown reduced
Cerberus Centurions ROF reduced by 150
Cerberus Centurions weapon bursts lowered
Nemesis ROF reduced drastically
Nemesis Damage reduced by 50
Cerberus Turrets have no shields!!! (well accept 1, this is an experimental nerf)
Cerberus Troopers Damage reduced by 5
Cerberus Troopers ROF reduced by 100
Geth Prime Drone rocket Radius reduced by 100
Geth Prime Drone rocket damage reduced by 50
Geth Prime Drone rocket force reduced by 150
Geth Prime Drone count reduced to 3 (Per-Prime)

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