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A Wave Changer (Feedback)

Posted: Mon Feb 29, 2016 4:27 am
by Togaryuman
Hello Mass Effect Tweaks, I came here a long time ago before the forums reset and was working on a Mod Maker mod that has been an ongoing project of mine, thing is I may know how I like my mod but I am looking for others opinions as to how the mod feels to them.

I have not had all the time in the world to work on it and test it all the time but I have had a pretty good crack team with me helping along the way, I am more or less just looking to broaden the opinion basis is all.

Mod Summary and plan:
Wave Changer is a mod that in total adds more to everything in the game but also making sure that it does not add any problems to the client side of things as in the invisible enemy problem. It buffs all the powers given to you and also makes things a bit more interesting in terms of enemy count and powers being enhanced. New entire game play strategies are formed from many classes that we fond to be a bit more tame as we try and make every class a bit better, but some are just soo good we could not do much to them. That being said if there are somethings you find too much (there most likely will be) or too little (also the same) than please tell me so I can work to make this a fun mode where it can prosper from everyone's way of enjoyment.

The idea of the mod: "To make the Multiplayer feel more like an Arcade shooter but retain the challenge and Mass Effect charm, more explosions and bodies means more fun!"

If you are wanting to play a round with me or my friends please add my Origin at: "Togaryuman"
I am on at most times of the night but sometimes life has other plans so sometimes I may not be on for a while.

The ModMaker link if you are interested:

If this is the right area to put this than sweet, I didn't know if this was the proper area, if it is not I will move it.

Thank you for reading!

Re: A Wave Changer (Feedback)

Posted: Mon Feb 29, 2016 7:19 pm
by Mgamerz
Yep this (or mass effect 3 board) are good places to put it.

I will test it out with some of my brother players and I'll give some feedback for you.

Re: A Wave Changer (Feedback)

Posted: Tue Mar 01, 2016 4:08 am
by Mgamerz
Alright, so I played 2 matches with your mod installed, along with my controller mod. Here are my thoughts.

1st Match: Reapers Gold on Giant
Not too bad. At first I was like wow tons of enemies, a bit of a tax on my framerate (while recording at least), but after a while I kind of learned that we could take tons of gunfire and not die all the time. Marauders were significantly nerfed which was nice. It got into some crazy hairy moments where we got pinned on a ramp. It was pretty fun actually, but once the banshees came out it got too difficult. The sync kill chance needs to be nerfed to less than 10% if you have that many banshees. We wiped on wave 9, everyone died to banshees. Otherwise, this match was pretty fun.

2nd Match: Geth Gold on Rio
Oh man... Geth. They need rebalancing. The hunters moved very fast, but they were OK. The primes though, they make geth pretty much impossible. On wave 3 we got an LZ (end of rio) hack, which we never completed legitimiately. There was simply WAY TOO MANY drones. We were staggered, and died while in cover because of the drones. Coupling that with all the enemies it was simply too hard and it became un-fun because we could not control our characters due to the amount of stagger. I gave everyone the supergun and binded the revive command and we had to cheat a ton to even get through the game. During the waves I used some commands to change the faction and collectors have a massive impact on the framerate. It was fun but the amount of bees was simply too many. I was in the teens with my framerate, that will kill lots of computers. Cerberus was OK. Lots of turrets. Perhaps a too few many phantoms. Or if they did low physical damage and very low sync kill chance. Or had less HP.

It was fun, but it needs some tweaking. I recorded the matches and will upload it in a couple of days. Your description says platinum is balanced but you have platinum turned off. Additionally you double the bleedout time, but clients without the mod installed will still die in regular time. (It does not sync the bleedout timer to clients, unless you shorten it, then they die faster)

Re: A Wave Changer (Feedback)

Posted: Tue Mar 01, 2016 5:26 am
by Togaryuman
Thank you very much for the feedback, the team will be going through the notes and nerfing out a bunch of the notes and rebalancing certain aspects.
Main changes to be planned from notes and beta tests:
- Nerfing banshee sync chance
- Nerfing Geth prime drone counts
- Nerfing Geth Hunter speed
- Nerfing collector swarm counts
- Nerfing turret health and amount of engineers
- looking into bleed out timer

Thank you for this feedback, the updated version will go live after an initial test and small tweak update.

I am hoping to review the footage you grabbed to better understand what play style is used.

Further feedback would be great on all the classes and characters as well once I go through the enemy update version 3.

Also on the note of platinum it was turned off to go through a major update on the enemies.

Still once again thank you!

Re: A Wave Changer (Feedback)

Posted: Tue Mar 01, 2016 5:41 am
by Togaryuman
O I also forgot to ask but you mention frame loss on your PC, I was wondering what the specs were so I can accommodate with version for high end PC builds and a version for average PC builds, one being higher in enemy count with balance and the other lower in count but will have balancing done to fit the amount. Thank You once again!

Re: A Wave Changer (Feedback)

Posted: Tue Mar 01, 2016 5:56 am
by Mgamerz
I have an AMD FX8320e with an AMD R9 290. These framerates were during uncompressed recording, I don't know how much CPU that uses.

Re: A Wave Changer (Feedback)

Posted: Tue Mar 01, 2016 6:28 am
by Togaryuman
All right that info helps out a bunch, I am running a I7 - 3770, 32 GB RAM, GTX 780 series computer so I can see where the differences come into play.


The next update has been released after testing done and a huge list of changes here.

A wave changer Change Logs V1-0-6 (The Big Enemy Update 3)
Turrets have had reduced health and shields by 50%
Turrets damaged reduced by 20
Nemesis Shields brought down by 400
Nemesis Health brought down by 200
Phantom Health reduced by 300
Phantom Shields reduced by 1000
Phantom Sync kill chance reduced to 0.2
Geth Rocket Trooper damage reduced by 50
Geth Hunter health reduced by 500
Geth Hunter Cloaking speed reduced
Geth Bomber Health reduced by 300
Geth Bomber Bombs Reduced and delay increased on bomb detonation
Geth Prime ROF reduced by 40
Geth Prime Bursts variables changed
Geth Prime Drone health reduced by 200
Geth Prime Drone Rocket radius reduced by 25%
Geth Prime Drone Rocket force reduced by 25%
Geth Prime Drone Rocket cooldown increased to 10 seconds
Geth Prime Drone Lifespan reduced by 50%
Geth Prime Drone count reduced drastically
Geth Prime Turret count reduced drastically
Banshee Teleport amount reduced by 3
Banshee Sync kill chance reduced to 0.2
Swarmer count reduced
Seeker Swarms reduced global number drastically
Praetorian Sync kill chance reduced to 0.2

All feedback has been taken into effect and after testing of our own have changed some more numbers around to make it an overall better experience.

This marks the third big change in enemy variables overhauled and now with these changes we can hopefully start work on weapon re-balance.

Re: A Wave Changer (Feedback)

Posted: Tue Mar 01, 2016 7:40 am
by Togaryuman
Just to answer the question of why not platinum still even in this big update is that we are going through and changing it to be less of a boss rush and more of a real challenge instead of being full of all these big enemies, so right now it will remain off until another update down the line. I am hoping to reach update 1-1 as the big Platinum overhaul update but we will see where the road map takes us.

Re: A Wave Changer (Feedback)

Posted: Tue Mar 01, 2016 3:09 pm
by Mgamerz
I'll check it out when I get some time.

Re: A Wave Changer (Feedback)

Posted: Thu Mar 03, 2016 6:20 am
by Mgamerz
Still trying to get the video up. It broke on the last render.