Question regarding Player Damage.

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Question regarding Player Damage.

Post by J4mesG4mes » Tue Mar 28, 2017 7:21 pm

What's the difference between:

(N = Number)

AI Damage Multiplier
Default: N x dmg

This scales how much damage AI does on this difficulty. Negative values (down to -1x) scale damage down while positive ones scale it up.


Player Momentum Multiplier
Default: N x momentum

Momentum Multiplier only applies to players on incoming damage.


Do they both stack? Is one only for AI Player Pets and the other for Player Character only? Is Player Momentum Multiplier in regards to 'Force' of Biotic Powers? Something different entirely? I am confused... :(

Give me an answer in regards of the damage I am receiving with the number at 100 Damage(with whatever source it may be coming from).


AI Damage Multiplier
Default: 1.0 x dmg

Player Momentum Multiplier
Default: 0.0 x momentum

...the same as...

AI Damage Multiplier
Default: 0.0 x dmg

Player Momentum Multiplier
Default: 1.0 x momentum



Trying to custom balance the Wave Difficulties, but this one is throwing me a loop. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Question regarding Player Damage.

Post by Mgamerz » Fri Mar 31, 2017 7:09 pm

Off the top of my head, I recall:

AI difficulty damage multiplier: each difficult level does more or less damage to their listed values. So bronze may do like -.25 which means a damage value of 100 would add -.25*100. So 75. The way this is done is very confusing.

I do not fully understand how momentum works (most of it is native code so I can't read it) but each impact has a momentum value. The higher the momentum, the higher impact "force"(not the same as actual force). This momentum is translated to both damage and slowing of movement (have a player reegar you while you run at then and you'll slow down a bit).

The way momentum, velocity, force, etc work in this game is fairly convoluted to me. Most is in native code and what isn't is overridden by something else in other files so tracking down definitive logic is not easy.

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