Unable to load saves on Normandy/Freezing on Normandy

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Unable to load saves on Normandy/Freezing on Normandy

Post by FREAKSnVOLTS » Thu Oct 11, 2018 12:35 am

I'm so sorry for the wall of text to follow. I could write a novel on what I've attempted in order to fix this issue. I'll keep it as brief as I can.

Original problem: Unable to load any saves on the Normandy. True across all careers.

I have several mods installed and removed some in an effort to narrow down my issue. I've been struggling with this particular problem for months and have searched google and various forums in hopes I'll find a solution. Unfortunately, all my efforts have been more or less fruitless.

I recently reinstalled ME3 (for the 9th time) in order to completely vanilla the game. I insured the game started and at least operated through the intro of a new game. As all of my current saves are modded at some point in time, I'd naturally get CTDs when trying to load them.

I then loaded the following mods via Mod Manager (Using Primarily zip files and the occasional executable):

EGM (zip)
EGM Squad Pack (zip)
EGM HR Vehicle Pack (zip)
Extended Final Anderson Conversation (exe)
JAM (exe)
Ken and Gabby Recruitment Scene (zip)
Same Sex Romances (zip)
Citadel DLC Redone (zip)
FSC Casual (zip)
FSC Intro (zip)
Grunt - Aralakh Commander (zip)
Miranda - Alternative Uniform (zip)
Liara Casual (zip)
Kani FemShep Hair Mod 08 Annie L (file)

I typically use ALOT and SP Controller (With Gui Compatibility), but opted to not install them for troubleshooting purposes. I also opted not to install the Zaeed Conversation Mod and EGM Extras Mod, as there were .pcc files which would conflict with 3 files in the Same Sex Romances Mod. Only 1 of those .pcc files had any association with the Normandy.

I insured to AutoToc the game and all DLCs.

I then opened a modded save (which utilized theses mods) on the Citadel. No endless loading and no CTD. The save operated as normal.

I then went onto the Normandy, for the first time after Mars. The dream sequence played fine and I was able to wonder around the entirety of the ship and interact with consoles as I please. I made a save on the Normandy and attempted to load it. A never ending loading scene followed.

I'm forced to to sign off my computer to close the game, as it is unresponsive and I can't access the task manger.

I AutoToc again and insure all the toc bins have a new date and time, hopefully indicating a successful update.

I go back into the game and attempt to load a Normandy save directly. An infinite loading screen occurs again. Rinse and repeat.

I go through each of my mods to see which have files directly associated with the Normandy. Which leaves me with Same Sex mod and the EGM mods.

I disable the Same Sex mod and get the same outcome as before.

I enable the Same Sex mod and disable the 3 EGM DLC folders. I am now able to open saves on the Normandy and everything seems to function properly. All seems well. That is until I attempt to load another save. The load screen is empty (No saves visible) and the game freezes.

I uninstall EGM and reinstall with the exe files.

I reload a save on the Normandy. This time, the game freezes as soon as I interact with a console or the game menu on the Normandy. The game functions fine everywhere else.

my me3log states the following after each of these incidents:

ME3Log - Logging started.
I/O failure operating on '..\..\BIOGame\CookedPCConsole\CharTextures.tfc'

I vanilla the game again and repair the game through Origin. I then try the above troubleshooting again with the same outcomes.

I'm willing to try anything as I've already uninstalled and reinstalled the game several times. I'm up for some more possibly fruitless troubleshooting.

I defer to this forums expertise.

Thank you so much for any time you spend on this conundrum.

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Re: Unable to load saves on Normandy/Freezing on Normandy

Post by Mgamerz » Thu Oct 11, 2018 12:36 am

I would suggest for troubleshooting joining my Discord server. You can find a link on the top right of the ME3Tweaks main site (or in the menu on mobile).

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Re: Unable to load saves on Normandy/Freezing on Normandy

Post by FREAKSnVOLTS » Thu Oct 11, 2018 12:38 am

I'll do that. Thank you.

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