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Postby Mgamerz » Wed Apr 19, 2017 3:06 pm

It is possible that the data is leftover from me2. When I get a bit of time I'll run that variable through my data dump to see where it appears. Maybe it's in code somewhere.

Edit: This appears in SFXGame in SFXGameConfig.bShieldsBlockPowers. It is marked as coalesced so editing it there should have an effect.

The code where it is used is from Patch_SFXCustomAction (powers mainly):
Code: Select all
#300 SFXGame.SFXPowerCustomAction.GetPhysicsLevel(Function) (Superclass: Class) (Data Offset: 0x 21F05)
Childindex : 293
Unknown1 : 298
Unknown2 : 365
Script Size : 245
Flags ( Defined Static Const Public  )
Native Index: 0
20 : DefaultParameterValue(False)
24 : //EndParmVal
25 : oPawn = (BioPawn)oImpacted;
35 : If(oPawn){If (!(oPawn.IsHumanControlled(null) || ((SFXPawn_Henchman)oPawn != None))) Goto(0x70);}
6D : Return (5);
70 : oConfig = (SFXGRI)oPawn.WorldInfo.GRI.gameconfig;
A7 : If (!((oConfig != None) && bIgnoreResistance == False && oConfig.bShieldsBlockPowers && oPawn.HasAnyShieldResistance())) Goto(0x138);
F1 : Return (5);
F4 : Return ((BioPawn)oImpacted.m_nPhysicsLevel);
10C : Return (0);
10E : Return (ByteToInt(ReturnValue));
114 : \\End of Script

You could possibly patch out in the if statement by figuring out a way to replace bshieldsblockpowers to either always be false or always be true. But it should be overridden by bshieldsblockpowers (it has coalesced flag on the export), but those otehr things like hasanyshieldresistance() may make it not work like intended.
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Postby Shad0wlife » Sat May 13, 2017 7:54 pm

Hm, the variables like that boolean are normally saved in Default__(Class containing the var).
I understand if you don't want to search for it though.
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Postby Mgamerz » Sun May 14, 2017 2:55 pm

I'll take a look today. Come to discord.
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